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Painting and Scupture on the Italian Riviera
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Painting and Scupture on the Italian Riviera

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Key Information:
Class Size: 6 - 11 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Art and craft workshop
Specialty: Painting, Sculpture  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: many
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 56 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 1200 Euro (EUR) per course

Note: I do not provide tours to any other destinations that are not mentioned in the package description.

We offer stone and wood carving classes around the year. No prior experience necessary. Learn techniques of this time-honored art form using the variety of tools and stones. Enjoy working outdoors, in front of the Mediterranean, sculpting stone into forms of almost any size and shape; share with others European sculptors your creative experience and most of it, live in an authentically village at the border of the French Riviera. A little paradise!

The Academia is located on the Riviera at the border of France and Italy; sea view sculpture studio and artist residencies on site in an authentically Italian village. The atmosphere can only inspire you creativity. Art in the Italian Riviera.


September, 2009: I choose the medium of charcoal on paper to focus on for my week with Nicole Durant in Mortola, Italy. When I arrived, Nicole presented a plan for the week that included many options for learning, but as each day unfolded the original plan changed. I was able to try the lessons that seemed most appealing to me on any given day. Nicole began by taking me through art exercises that gave me an understanding of the fundamental principals of drawing for perspective, color and shape.

For example, in one lesson, I practiced drawing human anatomy, as I wasfocused in particular on portraiture and life drawing. We also took the lessons outside of the classroom to the hillsides of the Italian and French Riviera, drawing from an easel on the slopes of a mountainside overlooking an Italian Village that was nestled above the shoreline. From that hillside I learned the concept of perspective and how to bring the layers of the village out in the picture.

I also learned about nature and the principal of the golden ratio. Nicole also explained the fundamentals of art while we looked at sculptured pieces in the urban setting of Nice. And, she recommended art galleries and museums across the Riviera for me to visit. Midway, I had decided that I would like to try another medium and Nicole suggested sculpture. Nicole integrated me into two of her classes; one at the art school in Menton, and the other in her Italian Villa setting.

The artists were supportive and inspiring in their dedication and focus. I was never self-conscious for my lack of experience and Nicole shepherded me every step of the way. I left with a clay bust I produced that sits in my living room, as a reminder of this week. I feel that I not only have a greater appreciation of art, but I also a better understanding of the parameters for what makes art good.

Faculty Information:
The founder exhibits in many museums and art galleries nationally and internationally. She has also been well known teaching for many years sculpture in art school next to Monaco, Switzerland and of course in Italy where she lives and founded the Academia d Arte

Other Activities:
In these art workshops, we will focus mainly on understanding through touch, sensitivity and new ways of sculpting how to understand different materials but mainly ourselves. You will go through many experiences working from clay-design and carving. Many possibilities to visit the land of the old masters and art museums

Facility Information:
Nicole Durand organizes housing for each student, close to the studio, with sea view in the historical part of Mortola. Accommodations are based on each student requirement. Accommodations are possible in one of the guestrooms or in a separate apartment in Mortola. The simultaneous use of the facilities by several colleagues is possible. For special housing situations, we will assist you in finding the type of accommodations required. A list of hotels in Menton or Ventimiglia is available on request.

You can attend daily classes or weekly workshops or simply be in artist residencies in the village. Sea-view artists spaces to create.
limited to 10 participants

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