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The Fine Digital Print

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Key Information:
Class Size: 2 - 4 people
Destination: Arizona  
Category: Photography and Film Workshops
Specialty: Digital, Fine art, Technical  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 2
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 1100 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 1100 US Dollar (USD) per person

This 5 day workshop is for those with experience in photography, who want to advance their DSLR capabilities, use these capabilities to photograph in scenic New Mexico, and to create fine prints using Photoshop. The workshop focuses on getting the best image from the camera and then working creatively using Photoshop to generate a fine digital print.

There are two major parts to this workshop. The first works with the camera to assure getting the best image possible from it. The second takes the output of the camera and processes it in Photoshop.

Working with the camera, we cover the basic steps in capturing an image. We will discuss composition, lighting, perspective, lens and focal length effects, depth of field and shutter speed effects. The controls of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the correction of exposure using the histogram, highlight warning indicator, and exposure compensation control are fully explained. Autofocus and manual focus are covered as is the newer Live View. Shooting procedures are described and worked in the field including checking exposure and correcting if necessary. More complex items such as panoramas, high contrast scenes, extended depth of field, long exposures, dark scenes and moving subjects are treated. Some of the mysteries of pixels, conversion to color, generating a digital file, the formats of JPEG, TIFF, and RAW, and how the camera operates are explained. Field trips provide the opportunity to use what we have learned and to capture some special and unique images in various locations in Arizona.

In the second part of the workshop, we move into Photoshop where we explore enhancement and modification of the image. It begins with basic image corrections such as color balance, cropping, removing unwanted elements, and aligning. Layers are used on the overall image to make global adjustments of tonal range, contrast, color balance, saturation and more. Techniques for selecting a part of the image are shown. Then layers and masks are again used for that selection to get local improvements such as burning and dodging, local tonal or color controls, and blending this selection in with the rest of the image. Numerous tools and techniques are presented and shown how they can be used. Special capabilities and techniques for image modification that will be presented include: panoramas, high dynamic range images (those that exceed the range of the camera’s sensor), image techniques that increase depth of field, use of the Lab color profile, gradients, photo filters and specialized and customized masks, converting to black and white, adding text, and the basics of compositing. After saving the final image we examine the setup for printing including image sizing, sharpening the image, and the need for color profiles and the effects of and on different types of papers.

There will be some group dinners (the cost of the lunches and dinners is not included in the workshop fee) and evening sessions, to review prints and discuss their processing. Participant’s prints are encouraged for critiquing by all present.

Faculty Information:
Elliot Framan has a photographic history stretching back over 30 years and includes work taken throughout the United States, Europe, Central America, China, Ecuador and the Galapagos, and Israel. Most of the work is fine art and travel photography but also includes commercial images. Initially working in Cibachrome (now Ilfochrome) he switched to black and white film photography using medium and large format cameras. He studied with many name black and white photographer/printers including George Tice, Ted Orland, John Sexton, and Alan Ross (the latter three having learned and developed under Ansel Adams). With the advent of digital photography, he has added this medium to his talents, again returning color images into his portfolio. His activities include the entire photographic process from capturing the image to generating the final print, and it is this knowledge of the overall process that he enjoys sharing with workshop participants.

Elliot’s work includes landscapes, documentaries, and portraits. Subjects of primary interest are historical sites, the old west, travel areas of interest, and equestrian activities. Although Arizona is an ideal site for much of this, the scope of interest extends to the rest of the United States, Europe, and other countries. His work has been in many juried art shows and one-man exhibitions with several first place awards in photography. Many color digital images have been seen in magazine articles and on magazine covers.

Other Activities:
Participants are encouraged to stay in Arizona after the workshop and tour and photograph on their own. Information for this can be provided. If there is sufficient interest, an extension to the workshop may be arranged to visit and photograph other locations.

Facility Information:
M10319's workshop is based in Tucson, Arizona. It offers numerous workshops and tours in digital photography. The studio is fully equipped for demonstrating digital image processing in Photoshop, scanning, and printing.

Price Excludes:
- Lodging, travel to Tucson, meals, and Arizona taxes

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Elliot Framan has been an active traveler and photographer his entire life. As such, he has combined travel photography, fine art photography, and commercial assignments. His images were taken throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, Mexico, China, Costa Rica, Israel and other locations. Initially working in...

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