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Siena Magnifica

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Key Information:
Class Size: 1 - 6 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Italian  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: flexible
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 460 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 460 Euro (EUR) per course

The world is slowly becoming smaller and more accessible, and its travelers and explorers are no longer young men off to seek their fortune in the wilderness of the unknown. Nowadays study abroad is no longer restricted to university students looking for a gap year of new experiences. The world has opened its doors and windows to everyone and anyone and this is why we, at the Dante Alighieri in Siena, were inspired to create our Siena Magnifica course.

This course is designed for those who wish to combine Italian language lessons with fun and varied cultural activities as well as cooking sessions. In this way, students not only improve the Italian language but also the secrets of its cuisine, history and art of Siena are unveiled. This program can be attended for one or more weeks, it welcomes participants of all ages and of all levels of Italian. It will meet all expectations for those who wish to explore and be fully immersed in the Italian/Sienese life.

Faculty Information:
- 4 hours of group Italian course per day (20 hours per week);
- 4 hours per week in mini group about cultural seminars (min 1, max 6 students per group - usually 2 appointment per week);
- 2 cooking sessions (from 6.30 to around 9.30 p.m.) per week - in case of the number of the participants of a single cooking session is less than 5 the school reserves the right to change it into alternative course (for example 90 minutes of individual lessons);
- 1 wine tasting per week;
- 1 day excursion in the Siena surrounding area (included in 2 weeks program only). In case of the number of the participants of a day excursion is less than 5 the school reserves the right to change it into alternative course (for example 90 minutes of individual lessons);
- didactic material.

Other Activities:
Seminars introduce you to Siena heritage with visits to museums, historical buildings, interesting buildings like Palazzo Pubblico, Contrada, Santa Maria della Scala, The Duomo, Saint Catherine house, etc.

Facility Information:
Very comfortable “relaxing” room for the students to socialize, sleep, or play games or the piano and guitars provided. Two courtyards and three terraces for relaxing, chatting and sunbathing! 27 newly-renovated and well-lit classrooms of varying size for individual, mini-group and large classes. Self-study center and library complete with video and cassette player and a wide selection of video and audio cassettes, supplementary coursework, books, etc. Computers Internet Point for students. Free for the owner of our card.

Price Includes:
- 20 hrs in group
- 4 hrs cultural lessons
- 1 wine tasting
- 2 cooking sessions.

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The School has been officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Since 1990, we represent the Siena Committee of the non-profit making our cultural organization. Founded in Rome in 1889, the aim is to promote and sustain the knowledge of Italian language and culture throughout the world. This is one...

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