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Culinary Training for Beginners

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Key Information:
Class Size: 2 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Italian  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: flexible
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 5500 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 5500 Euro (EUR) per course

Each program is composed of learning Italian language and culture in group lessons (the length of stay varies according to the starting level of knowledge of Italian language) and receiving a professional teaching of cooking in view of internship in a restaurant, hotel, and trattoria. The Participant will attend a required number of lessons of Italian language according to his/her initial knowledge of Italian.

The school will evaluate the level of knowledge of Italian language on the basis of a on-line test that the participant must send together with the enrollment form. The Participant will be informed about the result of the test before his/her departure. On his/her first day at the school, the Participant will have to take an oral test. The participant will attend 40 cooking sessions on the basis of different level difficulty followed by 12 weeks of training in a restaurant of Siena or surrounding. These sessions will take place mainly in the morning or in the evening according to the level.

After completion of this courses, Participants may continue their experience with a 12 weeks of non paid internship. The Participant must sign up for an internship program (12 weeks) at the time of the enrollment specifying its length otherwise he/she will not be accepted into internship program. At the end of the program the Participant will get the certificates of attendance for the language and the cooking courses, and a certificate of attendance for training course together with a reference letter: the first step to enter in this fascinating and passionate world.

Faculty Information:
We offer several cooking programs:
- Evening cooking lesson
- Amateur & non-professional
- Professional
- Cooking Training (Internship).

Other Activities:
Every month the Committee organizes social and cultural activities, such as Italian film-shows, lectures and talks on various aspects of Sienese and Italian culture (for example, the history of Siena and the Palio, Italian Opera, music, politics, fashion etc.), excursions to places of relevant cultural interest and guided tours of Siena. The following is a typical example of our social program (normally for four weeks – this is a short version!).

Facility Information:
Cooking courses are held in a modernly equipped kitchen!

Price Includes:
- 300 lesson of Italian language
- 26 sessions of Italian cuisine
- 20 weeks courses
- From 4 - 24 weeks of internship.

About This Supplier
Location: Italy
Joined InfoHub: Aug 2005

The School has been officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Since 1990, we represent the Siena Committee of the non-profit making our cultural organization. Founded in Rome in 1889, the aim is to promote and sustain the knowledge of Italian language and culture throughout the world. This is one...

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