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Italian Academic Year Courses

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Key Information:
Class Size: 2 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Italian  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: flexible
Course Level: Advanced
Min Price: 6800 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 6800 Euro (EUR) per course

It offers students the opportunity to combine study while living in Italy to gain a greater understanding of the Italian world. The course combines also a cultural aspect to enrich students knowledge.

Course Advantages:
- Students are able to obtain the Official P.L.I.D.A. Examination Certificate. It is one of the officially recognized certificates within 148 countries worldwide.
- The certificate is accepted by Italian Embassies, Government Institutions, Corporate bodies and Italian Universities as valid proof of knowledge of Italian Language.
- The student is guaranteed the highest level of Knowledge of Italian, especially from a conversational aspect, as the student will have plenty of time to develop in great depth these skills.

Faculty Information:
Course structure and method:

Linguistic element - It covers all levels of Italian within the European framework. It encourages the development of the four basic skills - Understanding and expression in both Oral and Written Forms. The teaching method is based on a communicative and grammar basis using various contexts, above all conversation skills. Course Material consists of: text books, reading materials, listening and visual materials, authentic materials, opportunity to communicate and to be directly involved in current and daily language.

Academic and cultural aspect: They give you an excellent opportunity to learn about the Italian culture and lifestyle

Structure: Before your arrival in Siena, we will send you a pre-evaluation test that you should fill on in each part and send us. Our Academic office check it and decide your level of knowledge of Italian. When you will arrive in Siena you do an official test to convalidate your level of knowledge. If you are at A1/A2 levels you will attend an elementary academic course (see point a. below). If your level of knowledge of Italian is upper than A2 you will attend an academic beginner course (see point b. below)

a. The elementary course consist of: 24 weeks of 480 full hours of Italian language lessons + 12 weeks of intensive language course (180 full hours of language lessons + 48 cultural and conversation course);

b. The beginner course consist of: 28 weeks of 560 full hours of Italian language lessons + 8 weeks of intensive language course (120 full hours of language lessons + 32 cultural and conversation course).

During the course you will attend our official Italian Certificate, PLIDA exam (you can attend, during your study, our PLIDA exam preparation and then making the exam). Please remember that the PLIDA exams are possible only twice a year; May / November).

Other Activities:
Every month the Committee organizes social and cultural activities, such as Italian film-shows, lectures and talks on various aspects of Sienese and Italian culture (for example, the history of Siena and the Palio, Italian Opera, music, politics, fashion etc.), excursions to places of relevant cultural interest and guided tours of Siena.

The following is a typical example of our social program (normally for four weeks – this is a short version!). Monthly calendar of wide range of extra-curricular activities, including excursions through Siena and Tuscany, wine and cheese tasting, films, lectures, concerts, bike riding, parties, dinners, etc.

Facility Information:
Very comfortable “relaxing” room for the students to socialize, sleep, or play games or the piano and guitars provided. Two courtyards and three terraces for relaxing, chatting and sunbathing! 27 newly-renovated and well-lit classrooms of varying size for individual, mini-group and large classes. Self-study center and library complete with video and cassette player and a wide selection of video and audio cassettes, supplementary coursework, books, etc. Computers Internet Point for students. Free for the owner of our card.

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The School has been officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Since 1990, we represent the Siena Committee of the non-profit making our cultural organization. Founded in Rome in 1889, the aim is to promote and sustain the knowledge of Italian language and culture throughout the world. This is one...

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