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Earn money for making your site look better and helping the visitors of your site choose lifetime vacations!

InfoHub.com - The Ultimate Source of Inspiring Travel Ideas - can help you offer the visitors of your website to get a truly unique and unforgettable vacation! The easily searchable content we propose to post on your site can really jazz your site up and help fulfill your visitors' dreams. The following is a small sample of vacation packages they can choose from:

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When browsing through travel packages, the "InfoHub" logo remains invisible.Your web site visitors will therefore think that all the listed travel packages are offered by you! This way they will come back to YOUR site whenever they look for them in the future.

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Money may start flowing into your account immediately as our content is set up on your site! Each time a visitor of your web site fill out the "Email This Supplier" form on the vacation page, you earn $2.00. The visitors don't have to purchase or book anything, just simply inquire!

How it works

We use specially designed software to track and report on all visitors of your site who successfully submit a request via your site. You will be able to log into your account using the assigned ID and check real time statistics. Tracking and reporting are all done by an independent third party.

How to join

Enrollment is FREE. So why wait? The sooner you join our affiliate program, the sooner money can start flowing into your bank account. So click on the link below to join today.

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