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Lead Generation Program (Commission Based)

Program Overview


Our lead generation program guarantees you referrals and is designed to generate highly qualified customer leads for your tours and trips!

InfoHub.com - the largest online portal for specialty travel and vacations. InfoHub.com is well recognized by the worldwide press and has received numerous acclaims. Over 4000 travel related businesses use InfoHub.com to promote their travel products or services. Currently there are over 14,000 partner product offerings listed on our site covering over 100 different special interest travel themes.

How It Works

When joining our program, advertiser is asked to enter their vacation packages into our computer system. Once the application is approved, the vacation packages will appear on our web site. Potential clients can browse the vacation packages and contact the advertiser directly from our web site. InfoHub does not act as middleman in this case. We simply collect client's contact information and forward it to the advertiser. Upon receiving the contact information from InfoHub, the advertiser contacts the client to close the sale.

In addition to promoting advertisers on our popular web site, InfoHub has reached agreement with over 670 travel agencies (employing over 7000 travel agents and independent contractors). Vacation packages listed on our web site will also be electronically delivered to all participating travel agencies using InfoHub's innovative technology. The travel agents will then promote these advertisers to their clients. Travel agents will contact the advertisers directly for any bookings.


We are currently accepting application from the following types of travel businesses.

Outfitting Service

  • Birding outfitters
  • Boating and sailing charters, sailing schools
  • Fishing outfitters
  • Hiking and trekking outfitters
  • Hunting outfitters
  • Rock climbing and mountaineering outfitters and schools
  • Scuba diving centers, diveboats, live-aboards, and diving instructors
  • Whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking outfitters

Vacation Schools or Workshops

  • Art and craft workshops
  • Cooking schools
  • Language schools
  • Photography and film workshops
  • Sports camps
  • Writer workshops
  • Performing Arts

Special Interest Vacation Property

  • Castle hotel
  • Eco lodge
  • Fishing lodge
  • Hunting lodge
  • Guest ranch
  • Spa resort
  • Diving resort
  • Golf resort
  • Naturist resort

Study Abroad

  • University Study Abroad
    • Graduate
    • Undergraduate
    • Summer Course
    • Internship
  • High School Study Abroad

Tour Guides

  • Businesses or individuals who provide personal tour guiding services to visitors to their country or city.

Tour Operators

  • Travel companies offering guided or self-guided specialty tour packages. Please view the complete list of specialty vacations.

Villa or Vacation Home Rental

  • Short or long term villa or vacation home rentals.


  • Listing your business on our web site is free.
  • Advertiser pays 10% commission on sales (exclusive to sales tax) to InfoHub for each sale as a result of the lead received from InfoHub's web site.
  • If a travel agent books a client, the travel agent will collect the 10% commission directly from the advertiser. In this case, advertiser does not pay InfoHub commission (InfoHub has a separate arrangement with travel agents in our network). There will be no double commission charged to advertiser.
  • Other than the commissions above, there are no other hidden charges.

In summary, advertisers pay a 10% commission to either InfoHub or travel agent when we produce a sale. Otherwise, there is no charge for using the service.

How to join

Click here to list your business on our site.

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