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Lead Generation Program (Pay Per Lead Based)

Frequently Asked Questions

Account management

How much do I pay?
For a cost of US$100, you receive 20 exclusive customer leads. There is NO commission or any other hidden fees to pay. After your initial $100 runs out, you can add another $100 to receive additional 20 leads, and so on.

If a client submits multiple requests, do you charge me multiple times?
No. Our software filters out the majority of the duplicate leads. In addition, you have an option to accept or reject a customer lead. If you see multiple requests from the same client, simply do not accept the duplicate ones. You only pay for the customer leads you accept.

Do I need to deposit $100 for each vacation package listed on your site?
No. We require $100 deposit for each advertiser account. You can list as many vacation packages as you wish in your advertiser account.

Can I terminate my account if I am not satisfied?
Yes, you can terminate at any time with or without reason. Any un-used balance in your account will be refunded to you.

Program specific information

Will you send the same customer lead to multiple companies?
No, when a client completes the form requesting information for one of your products, the request will be sent only to you and no one else.

How do you ensure the quality of your leads?
There are two answers to this question:

  • InfoHub is a well known specialty travel portal and the largest of its kind. People come to InfoHub to look for truly unique vacations and they will not find anything else here. Your products are exposed to a specifically targeted audience.
  • We place the lead capture form on the vacation package information page. So when a client submits an information request form, we know which vacation package he is interested in. This ensures that only the highly qualified leads are sent to you.

Managing your referrals

How do I obtain the client contact information?
You will be notified of a customer lead by email. Simply click the link in the email to access the client's personal contact information and travel plans provided by the client.

Managing your vacation packages

How do I create my vacation packages for advertising?
You will be asked to open an advertiser account first. Once an account is created, you can enter as many vacation packages as you wish.

How do I know where my vacation packages will be listed?
All vacation packages are organized according to their destinations and activities. Please note that it usually takes up to 2 business days before a newly entered vacation package shows up on our site.

How do I list my vacation packages in the top spots?
We allow advertisers to bid for the top spots in each destination and activity page. An advertiser can choose to pay more than $100 for 20 leads. The higher you bid, the higher your vacation package ranking will be on our site.

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