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InfoHub.com - the largest online portal for specialty travel and vacations. InfoHub.com is well recognized by the worldwide press and has received numerous acclaims. Over 5,000 travel related businesses use InfoHub.com to advertise their travel products and services. Currently there are over 10,000 travel offerings listed on our site covering over 100 different special interest travel themes.

How It Works

  • You list your travel products and services on InfoHub.com. Click here to see a sample vacation listing on our site.
  • Potential clients review your products or services. If interested, they provide their email and phone number by filling out the "Contact This Supplier" form on your product page. Click here to see the "Contact This Supplier" form.
  • Traveler's name, email and phone number, along with other information (country of origin, group size, travel dates, etc.) provided by the traveler, will be forwarded to you by email.
  • After receiving traveler's information from InfoHub, you contact the traveler directly to arrange trip booking and payment.
  • You pay InfoHub a fixed fee for each potential client who contacts you through InfoHub.

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We are currently accepting applications from the following types of travel businesses.

Tour Operators

Outfitting Service

  • Birding outfitters
  • Boating and sailing charters, sailing schools
  • Fishing outfitters
  • Hiking and trekking outfitters
  • Hunting outfitters
  • Rock climbing and mountaineering outfitters and schools
  • Scuba diving centers, diveboats, live-aboards, and diving instructors
  • Whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking outfitters

Vacation Schools or Workshops

  • Art and craft workshops
  • Cooking schools
  • Language schools
  • Photography and film workshops
  • Sports camps
  • Writer workshops
  • Performing Arts

Special Interest Vacation Property

  • Castle hotel
  • Eco lodge
  • Fishing lodge
  • Hunting lodge
  • Guest ranch
  • Spa resort
  • Diving resort
  • Golf resort
  • Naturist resort
  • Health and Wellness Retreat

Tour Guides

  • Businesses or individuals who provide personal tour guiding services to visitors to their country or city.

Service Cost

You (advertiser) are charged on a Pay Per Lead (PPL) basis. Each time a traveler completes the "Contact This Supplier" form, whether the client is traveling alone or in a group, it is considered a single customer lead. After you receive the lead by email and accept it, a small fee will be deducted from your account balance. For a cost of US$100 you receive 20 customer leads, at $5 per lead.

Exclusive customer lead.

If a traveler completes the “Contact This Supplier” form on the page of one of your travel offerings, this traveler's information will be sent to you only. We will not send this traveler's information to any other guides offering similar tours.

Ability to accept or reject a lead.

You may reject a customer lead sent to you for whatever reason and not be charged for it. You pay only for the customer leads you accept.

Here are some of the advantages of our Pay Per Lead (PPL) advertising offering:

  • High Quality Customer Leads. If a traveler wants to get in touch with you by handing over his/her email address and phone number, you can be pretty sure that this traveler is seriously interested in your offer.
  • Easy to Measure Return on Investment. Since you receive traveler's information (name, email and phone number) and communicate to them directly, it is easy to measure your success rate later on. At the end of each month or quarter, you can go through the list of customer leads to see which ones have resulted in bookings and how much revenue they have brought you. It is really easy to see whether or not our advertising service works for you.

No Risk Free Trial. For a limited time, after you register a tour guide account and make the required $100 deposit, you will get $50 advertising credit which allows you to receive 10 customer leads free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the results, you have no obligation to continue and your deposit will be refunded in full.

Getting Started

If you wish to get started, please follow this link "Create an advertiser account".

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