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Natoura Travel and Adventure  

Editor's Note: Natoura Travel and Adventure has been working with InfoHub since March 2001. We recently talked to Jose Luis Troconis at Natoura Travel about his company and his experience of working with InfoHub.

1. How long has your business been operating, and how did it start up?

Natoura Travel and Adventure Tours has been in operation for 16 years.  We started as pioneers in the adventure tourism business in the early nineties, leading trips to every reach of Venezuela’s natural resource base. Our business has expanded since that time and we have become more experienced as a tour operator, however we have never lost our passion to share Venezuela’s majestic beauty with our costumer base.  

2. What are the main attractions of your activity in the area you operate?

The main attractions we have fall within all of Venezuela: from the northern Caribbean to the snow capped Andes and the dense southern tropical forests. Concerning our unique features, we offer tailor made trips, honeymoons and both soft and hard eco and adventure tourism. Additionally, we arrange tours for solo travelers.

3. What do your customers appreciate in you the most?

Our customers appreciate that our services begin before the trip starts and after it ends to ensure we meet the needs of all our costumers.

4. You have been an InfoHub partner since March 2001. How would you describe your experience of working with InfoHub?

Working with InfoHub has helped us to reach a larger costumer base through the use of promotional tools, which has resulted in a growing business.

5. How do you follow up with the referrals sent to you by InfoHub?

  Upon receiving referrals from InfoHub, all of our staff is prepared to respond to the costumers in a timely fashion with a personalized phone call or email that invites the customer to use our services for traveling in Venezuela. In addition, we always follow up with our costumers to ensure that they know we are thinking about their needs as travelers within Venezuela.  After making contact with a referred client, we work hard at preparing a tour the matches exactly what our costumers are looking for.