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Editor's Note: StayPoland Travel has been working with InfoHub since March 2004. We recently talked to Tomas Zukal at StayPoland Travel about his company and his experience of working with InfoHub.

1. How long has your business been operating, and how did it start up?

We have been working for almost 4 years. StayPoland's idea came up on Friday, December 13, 2002 and started in the beginning of 2003 as a small business unit. One year later, on Thanksgiving Day, we were able to settle a full-fledged company. The people behind StayPoland come from Poland, but also from the UK and from the Czech Republic. As a result we have the balance of understanding people coming from outside. Currently 30 people are working in our company.

2. What are the main attractions of your activity in the area you operate?

We do not do mass tourism and are proud of our personal service. The other asset is our determination in developing new programmes and technical solutions. We are focused on Poland and our goal is to provide the best service in Poland.

3. What unique features do you offer?

StayPoland has 4 faces: it is an incoming travel agency running a series of attractive escorted tours (in big demand from May to September), Polish hotel reservation system, car reservation system and a provider of IT solutions. Each face has many unique features!

4. What do your customers appreciate in you the most?

Local support, local prices, local knowledge. We are working hard to pick for our customers the best of this beautiful and mind-inspiring country. We enjoy what we do and the biggest motivation is that our guests enjoy traveling in Poland as well.

5. You have been an InfoHub partner since March 2004. How would you describe your experience of working with InfoHub?

We like Infohub because they care about both customers and their business partners. Like ourselves, InfoHub consistently strives to improve their online presentation. We wish them to remain the world leaders in offering all types of tours.

6. You have been quite successful in converting InfoHub referrals into bookings. Our records show that you have been paying InfoHub $15 for each referral. How would you explain your success?

People who have visited Poland recommend it to other people, they search, find StayPoland via InfoHub and our offer looks interesting.

7. How do you follow up with the referrals InfoHub sends you?

We keep in touch with the customers as long as they want, send our brochures by post are ready to serve them also here in Poland.