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Editor's Note: Sandra Tours - Spain has been working with InfoHub since April 2006. We recently talked to Sandra de Miguel at Sandra Tours about her company and her experience working with InfoHub.

1. How long has your business been operating, and how did it start up?

I am an offitial guide since 2000.

2. What are the main attractions of your activity in the area you operate?

My main attractions would be Barcelona tours visiting the city with the old town and also Gaud, Montserrat, Costa Brava and Penedes Winecellars.

3. What unique features do you offer?

As a historian ( graduated in history and art by the UAB 2000 ) i combine history, art , legends and gastronomy in the same tour.

4. What do your customers appreciate in you the most?

Answer number 3

5. You have been an InfoHub partner since Feb 2007, how would you describe your experience of working with InfoHub so far?

I am very happy with Infohub. I have no questions about your webside but some proposals. As a suggestion i think that Infohub could also be directed to travel agencies as normally i received customers directly . Also it would be interested to received emails from passengers or travel agencies from other countries just like Germany, Italy , France ,etc.

6. How do you find InfoHub referrals, and how do you feel about the InfoHub system of generating referrals for you?

I think that works quite well the referals system.

7. How do you follow up with the referrals InfoHub sends to you?

I send the customer the information and then if they contact me again i answer them with any questions they have about the tours.