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The Island Experience  

Editor's Note: The Island Experience has been working with InfoHub since June 2005. We recently talked to Martin Marpegan at Island Experience about his company and his experience of working with InfoHub.

1. How long has your business been operating, and how did it start up?

We started in January 2004, but the company was launched to the public in June 2004. It was founded by four partners, three that worked before for another spa, and one investor.

2. What are the main attractions of your activity in the area you operate?

First, the location is breathtaking. It is a tropical 110 square mile island with no roads, no cars, just a few fishing villages connected by jungle trails. It is 90% covered by Atlantic rainforest and it is a Wildlife Reserve protected by the Federal Government. Our one week program is a well balanced combination of outdoor activities (rainforest hiking & sea kayaking) with yoga, massage and a natural diet. People leave 100% detoxified and destressed.

3. What unique features do you offer?

A week of fun and adventure and a kick start for a healthier lifestyle, in one of the most pristine places in the world, only 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro.

4. What do your customers appreciate in you the most?

They absolutely love our charming staff of trainers, yogis and masseuses. They mainly enjoy being away from modern civilization, disconnecting from cars, pollution, cell phones, Internet, job, etc. Many of them describe it as a life changing experience.

5. Your have been an InfoHub partner since June 2005. How would you describe your experience of working with InfoHub?

It has been great. We tried travel agents before, but no one has given us such good results.

6. You have been quite successful in converting InfoHub referrals into bookings. Our records show that you have been paying InfoHub $28.61 for each referral. How would you explain your success?

We have a good product, pretty good press, and we follow up with the client as soon as you send us the referral.

7. How do you follow up with the referrals InfoHub sends you?

By email or by phone (when they provide a phone number).

8. Is there anything else you'd like our visitors to know about your business?

This experience is truly unique; it is different from other spa resorts, or from other adventure trips. It is a vacation for the soul!