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Africa is considered the cradle of civilization and is the oldest inhabited continent. It is also the 2nd largest continent on earth (approx 20% of the world's landmass) and home to over a billion people. Africa offers visitors countless attractions, from the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the wildlife safaris of Kenya. It is home to the largest desert on earth, as well as the longest river and an amazing ecosystem found nowhere else. Africa's highlights are far more extensive than one would expect, beside the traditional sights such as the pyramids of Giza, Africa is home to over 100 UNESCO sights, with many of them being in Ethiopia, Africa's oldest Christian state. When it comes to wildlife, few can match Africa's diversity and numbers, the big five attract millions of curious watchers each year, but there hundreds of other species to spot while on a safari.
Algeria (1) Angola (3) Benin (9) Botswana (76) Burkina Faso (13) Burundi (5) Cameroon (66) Cape Verde (3) Central African Republic (3) Chad (1) Comoro Islands (1) Congo (4) Democratic Republic of the Congo (9) Djibouti (2) Egypt (176) Equatorial Guinea (4) Eritrea (2) Ethiopia (165) Gabon (5) Gambia (24) Ghana (65) Guinea (2) Guinea Bissau (2) Ivory Coast (3) Kenya (436) Lesotho (9) Liberia (1) Libya (20) Madagascar (47) Malawi (21) Mali (30) Mauritania (1) Mayotte (1) Morocco (64) Mozambique (9) Namibia (66) Niger (3) Nigeria (1) Rwanda (75) Sao Tome and Principe (9) Senegal (30) Seychelles (3) Sierra Leone (3) South Africa (218) Sudan (4) Swaziland (14) Tanzania (500) Togo (7) Tunisia (18) Uganda (318) Western Sahara (1) Zambia (50) Zimbabwe (39)

Africa Travel Stories
African Canoe Safari AFRICAN CANOE SAFARI, MANA POOLS, ZIMBABWE, SOUTHERN AFRICA (A client recounts her exciting African canoe safari in October 1999) - Mid morning I flew from Kariba by light aircraft to Mana Pools. We got into the animal aspects of our safari immediately. Our plane had to buzz two elephants off the red dirt airstrip to land. After... Read more >>>
A Caravan Adventure through Swaziland, South Africa In South Africa the word "caravan" has taken on a slightly different meaning to the generally accepted one ( as in a caravan through the desert). A "caravan" to a South African, means the vehicle which is used for accommodation during a tour or trek across the country - what most people would probably call a trailer or camper. As a result... Read more >>>
Queen of the Nile This was my 5 week sojourn into the history of ancient civilization, to see a country where old and new blend together, from the Pyramids to the ultra modern Opera House, from Camel rides to Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt has it all. This was my first trip to Egypt, and it was truly memorable, I was more than a little apprehensive,... Read more >>>
In Ghana, pottery is women's work A couple of years ago I went to Mpraeso for the first time. I had asked my friend Felicia, who lives in Accra, Ghana's capital, if she would take me to her village, which is famous for its pottery. Mpraeso sits on a mountain plateau about three hours' drive north-west from Accra. We went there on a bus, which was elderly and missing a... Read more >>>
Eating With The Lions Although I enjoyed 27 years with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and traveled extensively during that time, South & Southern Africa were never part of my itinerary. I was content with seeing animals at the zoo. Or so I thought! After joining Borton Overseas, I quickly became aware of what I didn't know......and I found the learning process... Read more >>>
Land of Desert and Dreams Turbaned men late at night around a bed of coals, telling age-old jokes to muted laughter, waiting for the tea to boil... Seductive female voices raised to the beat of an old wooden drum, calling their men to "ride, ride like the wind, just for me..." Soft feminine curves of sand, raised up and sculpted by the wind's ceaseless breath...... Read more >>>

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