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Canada Vacations

Here are some of the most out-of-the-ordinary Canada tours and vacations. Many of these tours feature unique travel activities that you are not likely to find anywhere else. We seek to compile the best of unordinary Canada travel packages available. Since in some countries we have not found travel packages really unordinary, these countries were not listed below. Click on the country name to see the tour packages there.
Alberta (3) British Columbia (32) Manitoba (9) New Brunswick (7) Newfoundland (14) Northwest Territories (2) Nova Scotia (11) Nunavut (2) Ontario (17) Prince Edward Island (5) Quebec (8) Saskatchewan (2) Yukon (20)

Canada Travel Stories
The Vikings came to North America! The Year 2000 marks the 1000th anniversary of the Viking exploration of North America. At the very northern tip of Newfoundland is a site that preserves this outstanding cultural and historical event - L'Anse aux Meadows. L'Anse aux Meadows is the only authenticated Viking site in North America. It was established 1000 years ago... Read more >>>
Five Story High Tides Tides on the upper Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia on Canada's Eastern Coast are the highest in the world. Tides here have been measured, according the Guinness Book of Records, at 16.3 meters, or over 52 feet. That's higher than a five story building! Tides are created by the gravitational pull of the moon. As the moon revolves around the earth it causes large bodies of water to bulge or pull... Read more >>>
Discovering a Winter Wonderland in the Canadian Rockies Crisp, clean air; powdery snow blanketing evergreens, valleys and mountains; crystal clear nights with stars seemingly close enough to touch. These sights await backcountry skiers and dog sledders on the Mountain Shadow Trail. Although best known for it's world-class downhill ski resorts in Bankff, Lake Louise and Jasper, the... Read more >>>
Close Encounters In The Arctic The excitement begins to grow even before our propjet's wheels touch the runway tarmac of Churchill, Manitoba's tiny airport. It is late October and a gentle snowfall greets us as we disembark and walk the short distance to the terminal. Our Big Five group of 26 assembled in Winnipeg the day before from all over the United States with... Read more >>>
Killer Passage On a Mothership Mothers kayaking with Killer Whales in the Straits of British Columbia Water dripped off my cheek--was it a tear, or the spray from the whale's blowhole? As we paddled next to the Orca whales, clicking and squeaking sounds surrounded us whenever the six ton mammals surfaced in the water nearby., The majestic male bull led in front with his immense dorsal fin towering five feet above the water.... Read more >>>
Reality Enriches Those That Visit The Pacheedaht First Nation We proceeded west from Victoria through rainforests and scenic ocean vistas. The winding and twisting 2-hour drive along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway took us to the tiny village of Port Renfrew situated at the end of the road at the mouth of Port San Juan. I was a guest on one of Island Adventure Tour's Aboriginal Culture Tours. I... Read more >>>
Nova Scotia's South Shore Last winter, depressed by an endless slew of snowy days, I yearned for a faraway, exotic vacation, somewhere to clear my mind and let my spirit soar. Alas, my wallet didn't back me up. Was I destined to summer in my backyard? A state park? A crowd-bulging strip of sand? Ugh. Thank goodness the vacation gods intervened and embedded in my mind the prospect of going to Canada; more specifically, to... Read more >>>

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