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Central America and Caribbean Vacations

Central America and Caribbean Vacations

From the ancient Mayan ruins on the continent to the beautiful island beaches of the Caribbean, Central America can be an amazing place to explore and have a leisure vacation. Most of the continental Central America was once home to the Mayans and a lot has been preserved, not just ruins, but also languages and traditions. For any history buff this are is quite an insightful place. As for the Caribbean, these islands are world famed since the days of the first European explorers. The largest of these islands is Cuba, which as of late has relaxed their foreign policy and accepts more and more tourists, including those from the USA. Cuba may be a poor country, but its natural beauty is remarkable and well worth visiting at least once.
Antigua and Barbuda (3) Bahamas (3) Belize (31) Bermuda (1) British Virgin Island (2) Costa Rica (90) Cuba (6) Dominica (2) Dominican Republic (2) El Salvador (8) Guadeloupe (1) Guatemala (27) Honduras (7) Jamaica (1) Netherlands Antilles (3) Nicaragua (6) Panama (25) S. Georgia and S. Sandwich (1) St Lucia (2) St Vincent and Grenadines (1) Trinidad and Tobago (27)

Central America and Caribbean Travel Stories
Dolphin/Human Tag Game I've had the pleasure of swimming with dolphins on many occasions, and find them to be truly generous beings who treat people with great tenderness and affection. They also love to play with us, as the following story attests. It was during one of my trips to Bimini, in the Bahamas. It's a beautiful place, and I take groups there to... Read more >>>
Caribbean Adventure Can the Princess and the Sailor find true happiness on vacation? The answer is an unequivocal YES, and I can tell you the secret. The story begins a few years ago on the Caribbean island of Antigua. I (the Sailor) had just completed an Atlantic crossing and was visiting friends there. I decided to take a dive course during my stay, and began the fundamentals in the pool of a very upscale... Read more >>>
High-Flying Adventure Through The Rainforest Canopy San Jose, Costa Rica. How does it feel to play Tarzan and Jane for a day? Just ask one of the 30,000 plus people who have taken The Original Canopy Tour in Costa Rica and they will be more than happy to let you know how it feels. What is The Canopy Tour? Basically it as a unique concept put together by 2 Canadians, Darren Rennick, from... Read more >>>
Something for Everyone in Island Paradise Looking for a good night's sleep? Instead of buying that new mattress you've been thinking about, perhaps you should instead sock the money into a vacation at the deluxe Cambridge Beaches resort in Bermuda. You'll fall asleep to the song of singing frogs, awaken to a cheery call of "Room service", then dine on your balcony to the... Read more >>>
A Ride Along Idyllic Caribbean Beaches, Across Mountain Ranges To Spectacular Mayan Ruins Honduras is in Central America and has common borders with Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, and is between the Atlantic (Caribbean ) and Pacific Oceans. When the Spanish arrived in 1502 the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes and in the 1600s the British pirates, including Captain Morgan, settled in the Bay Islands and raided... Read more >>>
Enjoy Adventure and Nature at Cueva Fun Fun in the Heart of the Dominican Republic Spending a vacation in Puerto Plata or Bavaro in the Dominican Republic sure is fun, but the Caribbean country has much more than just beaches to offer. Cueva Fun Fun is located in the heart of the island, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the National Park Los Haitises. It's an interesting karst region, covered with tropical forest, consisting of hundreds of conical, steep hills, some... Read more >>>
Ascent OF Pacaya You can see Pacaya Volcano from Plaza Berlin at the end of Avenida de las Americas in Guatemala City. It is usually smoking, and sometimes at night you can see lava running down its side. Two or three tour companies organise daily climbs to the summit from Antigua. We sign up for the group operated by "El Gran Jaguar". After... Read more >>>

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