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China is an endless surprise, from its beautiful tropical beaches to its forests, from its incredible rice fields to its ancient traditions that rub shoulders with sophisticated modern technology. Hainan Island has superb beaches where you can practice water sports and lie on the white sand shaded by coconut palms. Go hiking in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and rock-climbing in Guangxi Province. Walk along the Great Wall, visit the Ming Tombs and gasp over the amazing Longji rice terraces in Longsheng County. See endangered giant Pandas in Sichuan Province Parks. Visit the ancient Forbidden City in Beijing before strolling through one of the many enormous shopping malls where you can buy high-tech equipment. For traditional souvenirs, visit Panjiayuan Market in Beijing and Dongtai Lu Market in Shanghai.
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Unique Photographing Tour of NAVO-Xinjiang Photography Tour
14 days of Xinjiang photographing tour. The first research tour of Northern Xinjiang was in Sep. 2007 of NAVO. There is one day horse riding & photography tour in Hemuhe combined in this tour.
USD 1685 - 2489 / Per person
Photography and Videography
Cultural Journey
Duration: 14 days
Season: May - September

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China Travel Stories
You, me and the Last Emperor What is it that you, me and the last Qing dynasty Emperor, Puyi, could all have in common? Absolute power at the age of two? Two wives for our sixteenth birthday? A flawed come-back in our thirties? Or maybe it's that now we can all be buried together. A commercial cemetery is the latest addition to the impressive Western Qing tombs.... Read more >>>
One country, Two systems... Sixty ethnicities As cranes and bulldozers proliferate like ants across China, depositing cities and highways in their hammering trail, now is the time to venture inland in search of the more traditional side of China. In a vast crescent of land, curving from Guilin's moonscape through the jungles of Xishuangbanna to the Tibetan plateau in the north west,... Read more >>>
Crude Lotus Two hours from Beijing, Baiyangdian in summer metamorphoses from a drab swamp into a colorful checkerboard of lotus patches and fish nurseries The sun may have taken the weather forecasters by surprise, but not the lotus flowers. Attuned to the barest climatic fluctuation, they are already on the threshold of their summer bloom. A... Read more >>>
Dining in Beijing Cuisine for the elite... Set in a traditional courtyard home in the elite government district, this restaurant presents a contemporary yet quintessentially Chinese sophistication. Having driven along labyrinthine, bustling hutongs, you finally arrive before an unassuming pair of red doors. Entering, you step into another... Read more >>>