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Papua New Guinea Tour Packages

In some ways Papua New Guinea is a living museum with its tribal traditions dating back over thousands of years that are still perpetuated today. It is here that you will find places that are totally unspoiled by the modern world. Many of the villagers still live close to the land, but they will happily act out their favorite victories against neighboring settlements. They will also show you their beautiful wood-carvings. Hike in the mountains and see tree kangaroos in the Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary and go on jungle tours in the Chambri region. Visit the Crocodile Park, the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the miles of tunnels dug by the Japanese during the War. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy, including white-water rafting.

Melanesia Islands Tour
Uncover the hidden gems of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands on this 14 day voyage of discovery.

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USD 6995 - 11500 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 days
Season: October - November
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Island

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