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Solomon Island Tour Packages

The beautiful Solomon Islands are a treasure of a destination for both wildlife and wonderful beaches. The islands of Choiseul, New Georgia, Guadalcanal, San Cristobel and Santa Isobel are the main islands to see various species of flying foxes, endangered rodents including the Emperor Rat and over 65 species of birds endemic to the islands. There are a lot of guided tours in the rainforests and to dormant volcanoes. With over 900 volcanic islands and coral atolls, the marine life is incredible โ€“ a true paradise for snorkelers. Scuba diving tours around WW2 wrecks are frequently organized and so are excursions around the islands to see traditional villages on the edge of the water. You can buy beautiful mother-of-pearl items and ebony carvings in most of the villages and towns.

Melanesia Islands Tour
Uncover the hidden gems of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands on this 14 day voyage of discovery.

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USD 6995 - 11500 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 days
Season: October - November
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Island

Discover the South Pacific Islands of Melanesia
Discover isolated islands and remote communities as we sail the turquoise waters of Melanesia. Ports of entry include Honiara, San Jorge, Santa Isabel, Malaita, Makira, and many others.

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USD 5495 - 9495 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Marine Biology
Duration: 12 days
Season: October - November
Solomon Island

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