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Bermuda Tour Packages

Bermuda is probably the most popular destination for yacht parties and although the beautiful beaches offer a wealth of water sports, they are often very crowded, so the best way to enjoy Bermuda is to explore the inland areas. Visit the splendid 17th century Saint Catherine Fort and Gates Fort and the cast iron Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. The ancient Saint George Town is the oldest English settlement in the New World and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the World Heritage Visitors Center and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Don’t miss a trip to the spectacular Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Hamilton Parish. Go on a cruise from Hamilton Harbor to see Somerset Bridge – the world’s smallest drawbridge and view the lovely Great Sound from Fort Scaur.

Sailing & Snorkeling in Bermuda 10% off.
Set your soul free aboard a charter sailing vessel. Enjoy a wonderfully peaceful time of sailing and snorkeling on our beautiful "Shekynah" yacht in the crystal clear waters of Bermuda!!!

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USD 550 - 1425 / Per trip
Boating and sailing
Duration: 1 days
Season: April - December

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