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Jamaica Tour Packages

Come to vibrant Jamaica, home of Reggae music, idyllic beaches and exotic tropical countryside. Visit Kingston to see Bob Marley’s former studio at 56 Hope Road, now a museum dedicated to the legendary artist and don’t miss Port Royal Museum which honors an ancient submerged city. Take the Heritage Walking Tour to discover Falmouth’s historic waterfront. Hike in the lovely Blue Mountains, explore the amazing Green Grotto Caves to see a subterranean lake and climb alongside the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls. Scuba dive in Montego Bay Marine Park, which has superb dive walls and whose underwater gardens are breath-taking. These magnificent coral canyons are accessible to non-divers and even non-swimmers, as you can put on a space-age helmet and go sea trekking.

College Spring Break Trips
We Specialize in College Spring Break Packages to Cancun, Acapulco, Jamaica, & Mazatlan. Trips include meals, MTV celebrity parties & more with air & hotel from $750 total price per person
USD 750 - 1000 / Per person
College/Spring Breaks
Island Vacation
Duration: 7 days
Season: February - April

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