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Cape Verde Tour Packages

Cape Verde consists of ten main islands so you can choose the island for your type of holiday - or visit them all. Kite and windsurfers will love Boa Vista which has an almost constant offshore wind stream. Hikers will naturally head for Santa Antao's Cova Crater, Sao Nicolau's rugged hiking trails on Mount Gordo and the volcanic island of Fogo. Those wanting to imbibe themselves with the country's history will visit Santa Luzia for its splendid basilica and Baroque church and the historical town of Cidade Vekha on Santiago Island. For those seeking peace and sandy beaches, head for Maio and Brava Islands. All the islands have markets and lively nightlife but the best place for live music is Mundelo on Sao Vincent Island.

Senegal - Cape Verde - Gambia - Guinea Bissau - Guinea - Sierra Leone - Liberia - Ivory Coast
A 3-week tour exploring rich cultural heritage & customs of 8 West African countries, incl. varied local handcrafts & music, plus a visit to Gorée island, Tacaguma chimpanzee sanctuary, and more.

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USD 7400 - 8200 / Per person
Cultural Journey
National Parks
Duration: 21 days
Season: January - December
Ivory Coast
Cape Verde

Cruising from Antarctica to Cape Verde: Discover St. Helena Island
This tour from Antarctica to Cape Verde includes not only the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands but also seldom visited islands such as Tristan da Cunha and St. Helena.

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USD 6990 - 8490 / Per person
Boating and Sailing
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 31 days
Season: March - April
Cape Verde

Cape Verde Yacht Charter Vacation
Yacht Charter in Cape Verde, the newest destination in the sailing world

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EUR 2300 - 99950 / Per trip
Boating and sailing
Duration: 1 - 7 days
Season: January - December
Cape Verde

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