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Northwest Territories Tour Packages

Canada’s Northwest Territories has the highest concentration of First People settlements, so a visit here will be an unforgettable experience. When you visit the town of Inuvik, you’ll have a choice of either 24-hour days or 24-hour polar night, depending on when you go. The people here still live off the land and will take you hunting with them Their pastimes are soapstone carving and beadwork which make beautiful souvenirs. The tiny village of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean boasts a huge ice-house dug in the permafrost over 50 years ago and still used by the villagers to store meat. In the area there are over 1000 Pungos to see. The city of Yellowknife on the Great Slave Lake has several good museums and art galleries.

Fishing Tour in the Kasba Lake, Canada
The Kasba Lake watershed is a productive fresh water ecosystem filled with millions of whitefish, fresh water shrimp and small aquatics. This package includes both fishing and gourmet experience.

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USD 3495 - 4795 / Per person
Duration: 5 - 9 days
Season: June - August
Northwest Territories

Kasba Lake Lodge
Sitting on the shore of Kasba Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories, our lodge - a complex of comfortable cabins - is an ideal facility for those who enjoy great fishing & masterly cooked meals!

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USD 650 - 800 / Per day
Fishing lodges
Northwest Territories

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