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Nigeria Tour Packages

When you arrive in Nigeria, you will quickly see why it is such a popular tourist destination. Abuja is a lovely city, built on lush hills and with good roads. It has five beautiful parks and “bush bars”. Its Wine Market is huge and it boasts an arts and crafts village. In Calabar you can visit the Slave Museum, which is very interesting. Lagos has great beaches, the Lekki Mazrket and several museums. Don’t miss visiting the Osun-Osgbo Sacred Grove, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just outside Osogbo city. Go on safaris in nKainji and Yankari National Parks and take a cable car to Obudu Mountain Resort, where hiking is very popular. Most of the big towns have good bars and nightclubs.

Cultural and Nature Tours 10% off.
Guided tour of ancient cities and history museums on foot and by road transport in between cities, safari to game and nature reserves and mountain lodges and Waza game reserve and resort.

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USD 3500 - 7500 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 7 - 21 days
Season: January - December

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