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Europe Tour Packages

Europe is one of the world's top destinations for both cultural and leisure vacations. The continent boasts the largest variety of cultures and landscapes, even though it is one of the smallest continents in the world. Europe is also soaked in history, offering countless artifacts and historic sights from the ancient Greeks and Romans to modern day European Union. You can spend just a week on the continent and feel like you've lived 7 lives. Europe offers such highlights as the iconic Paris, famed for its style and glamor; Rome with its history, culture and cuisine; Croatia, the natural beauty of Europe, with amazing beaches and greens; The world famous Alps of France and Switzerland; and many others.
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Armenia (50)
Austria (43)
Belgium (23)
Croatia (76)
Cyprus (5)
Denmark (11)
England (67)
Estonia (48)
Finland (25)
France (97)
Germany (27)
Greece (109)
Hungary (28)
Iceland (30)
Ireland (32)
Italy (127)
Latvia (47)
Malta (24)
Norway (33)
Poland (50)
Romania (59)
Russia (81)
Serbia (18)
Spain (140)
Sweden (16)
Wales (15)
Updated Packages
Amalfi Summer Festival Tour, Italy
Join us in Italy for inspiring days of discovery and music from July 15-25, 2018, exploring delightful seaside towns during the day, marvelous evening concerts, and an optional taste of Tuscany.

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USD 4205 - 6420 / Per person
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 7 - 11 days
Season: July

Mozartfest in Bath, England
Join us from November 11-16, 2018 for the annual Mozartfest, a celebration of the music of Mozart and other renowned composers in the sublime surroundings of the regal city of Bath, England.

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USD 3299 - 3899 / Per person
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 6 days
Season: November

Cultural Journey in Spain, Highlights of Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona 10% off.
Join us for an exceptional week of art, music and discovery in the vibrant city of Barcelona from March 8-15, 2019. A feast for the eyes, ears, and palate, this dynamic city never fails to inspire!

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USD 4499 - 4999 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Dance, Music and Opera
Duration: 7 days
Season: March

Grand Baltic Tour in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Tailor Made Program)
Discover the Baltic states for what they are on this great, up to 16 days long, tour and get a closer look to understand the real life of the people inhabiting small towns and villages along the way.

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EUR 1100 - 2700 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Duration: 10 - 16 days
Season: January - December

Sightseeing Tour for Disabled in Tallinn, Estonia (Custom and Private)
Private tour or shore excursion of Tallinn for the disabled or parties with people of limited mobility. Will take you to the main sights in and out of the Old Town, plus many other interesting places.

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EUR 30 - 150 / Per person
Tours for Handicap
Duration: 1 - 7 days
Season: January - December

Pheasants and Wild Boars Deluxe Hunting Trip, Czech Republic
Take this tour to enjoy high standard hunting services and deluxe stay.

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EUR 5000 - 10000 / Per person
Duration: 7 - 15 days
Season: October - December
Czech Republic

Peter West's Private Tour of Leeds Castle and Chartwell or Hever, England
Private tour by mini-van to Leeds Castle, home to royalty for over 1000 years; Chartwell, once the dwelling of Winston Churchill; or Hever, 13th century castle and the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

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GBP 650 - 750 / Per group
Tour Guide
Season: January - December

Red Stag Hunting in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia
Take this tour to hunt red stags in 3 countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

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EUR 1000 - 10000 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 2 - 7 days
Season: August - January
Czech Republic

Duck and Pheasant Driven Shootings in Czech Republic and Slovakia
High standard driven duck and pheasant shootings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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EUR 1500 - 10000 / Per person
Duration: 3 - 7 days
Season: October - February
Czech Republic

Greece and Turkey Cultural Tour 10% off.
Famous places, great monuments to discover. Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Athens, Greek islands Mykonos, Patmos, Crete and Santorini. Also with the visit to Kusadasi you will see ancient Ephesus.

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EUR 1858 - 2763 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Duration: 11 days
Season: March - October

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Europe Travel Stories
Bicycling on the
Did you ever fantasize about bicycling on a country road in the glow of the setting sun at 10:30 at night? In Scandinavia, summer days continue into long " timeless" evenings which are perfect for bicycling , canoeing or hiking. I invite you to come bicycling on the Swedish island of Gotland! The island is also referred to as "... read more...

Nimes: Explore Roman Ruins in France
When people think of historic ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, whether it's the imposing and impressive Coliseum, or the frozen-in-time city of Pompeii, their mind usually wanders to the cities of Italy. However, did you know that you will find some of the most beautiful Roman ruins in the south of France? In the little-known city of Nimes, just over an hour away from the major port hub... read more...

Visiting British Gardens
Britain has an enviable reputation in the world for its gardens. The development of European garden design may be traced back to Persia, the Mogul Emperors and Asia Minor. The Moslems took their ideas to the south of the Mediterranean, along the coast of North Africa to influence the Moorish gardens of Spain. Around the north of... read more...

Malta: Ancient Home to Goddesses and Fertility Cults
Nowhere on earth did a Goddess ever reign as she did in Malta. Architect Richard England explains the Maltese temples themselves as the personification of the Earth Mother, with floor plans which echo abundant maternal curves. One can easily imagine the concept of entering the "womb" of the temple for communion with the Goddess, and... read more...

Castle to Castle by Bike and by Boat
The summer was glorious. The sun sparkled on the water between the islands of Stockholm and the outdoor cafes were crowded for two full months. Stockholm, "the city that floats on water" as the Swedish novelist Selma Lagerцf called the capital of Sweden was glimmering like a jewel in the setting sun. This is the way to experience this... read more...

Become a Savvy Traveller
The Duomo in Milan. At first site, the size alone overwhelms the senses. As you draw closer, colossal figures fill all space and block the sky. Magnificent doors draw you with anticipation into cool darkness, and suddenly everything wonderful surrounds you. Stained glass and flying buttresses, stone and jewels, incense and candles, angels... read more...

Maremma - The Wild West of Tuscany
Tuscany the land of yearning: since centuries the former European cultural center holds its many visitors spellbound. Most tourists however, visit only the famous and much traveled region between Florence and Sienna. We on the other hand traveled into a vastly unknown, wild and remote Tuscan region: the Maremma. "Maremma maiala"... read more...

A West Coast Beano Diary
by Madi & Andy Key This year, we decided to let someone else organize our cycling holiday. Madi takes up the story... Madi:While we were in a wholefood restaurant in Hay-on-Wye, we noticed a leaflet advertising Bicycle Beano holidays. They sounded wonderful. A week cycling in Wales coming back each night to a base camp or house to be fed good wholesome vegetarian meals. So here we are at St.... read more...