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Europe Tour Packages

Europe is one of the world's top destinations for both cultural and leisure vacations. The continent boasts the largest variety of cultures and landscapes, even though it is one of the smallest continents in the world. Europe is also soaked in history, offering countless artifacts and historic sights from the ancient Greeks and Romans to modern day European Union. You can spend just a week on the continent and feel like you've lived 7 lives. Europe offers such highlights as the iconic Paris, famed for its style and glamor; Rome with its history, culture and cuisine; Croatia, the natural beauty of Europe, with amazing beaches and greens; The world famous Alps of France and Switzerland; and many others.
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Armenia (50)
Austria (43)
Belgium (23)
Croatia (76)
Cyprus (5)
Denmark (11)
England (67)
Estonia (48)
Finland (24)
France (97)
Germany (27)
Greece (105)
Hungary (28)
Iceland (30)
Ireland (32)
Italy (127)
Latvia (47)
Malta (24)
Norway (33)
Poland (50)
Romania (61)
Russia (82)
Serbia (18)
Spain (140)
Sweden (16)
Wales (15)
Updated Packages
Wildlife Viewing and Cultural Tour in Russia
Join us on this previously inaccessible Russian Arctic Northeast Passage voyage. Recent changes in sea-ice conditions mean that this fascinating sea route is now accessible.

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USD 21900 - 29900 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Cultural Journey
Duration: 28 days
Season: August - September

Bear Watching Tour in Brasov
Watch the Carpathian brown bears in their natural habitat on this 3 hour tour near Brașov. Go to a specially designed bear hide and wait for the bears to appear for an unforgettable experience.

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EUR 40 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 1 days
Season: March - October

Summer Festival Tour in Netherlands and Belgium 10% off.
For 8 memorable days we'll enjoy outstanding concerts of Amsterdam's Grachtenfestival, then be on our way to Brussels, from where we'll tour the delightful Flemish towns of Bruges and Antwerp.

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USD 4425 - 4999 / Per person
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 8 days
Season: August

Wild Duck Hunting Tour in Czech Republic (3 Days) 10% off.
Traditional duck hunts in the Czech republic. A hunting experience at a level with guaranteed hunting success.

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EUR 695 - 1400 / Per person
Duration: 1 - 4 days
Season: September
Czech Republic

Amalfi Summer Festival Tour, Italy
Join us in Italy for inspiring days of discovery and music from July 15-25, 2018, exploring delightful seaside towns during the day, marvelous evening concerts, and an optional taste of Tuscany.

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USD 4205 - 6420 / Per person
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 7 - 11 days
Season: July

Provence Summer Festival Tour, France 10% off.
Discover for yourself the tastes, sights, and fragrances of southern France that have enchanted travelers for centuries on this August 4-11 tour.

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USD 4099 - 4250 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Festival Tours
Duration: 7 days
Season: August

Cycling Tour in Carpathians, Romania
Discover the center of Romania in this 9 day bicycle tour while visiting a cave monastery, an old water mill, Prince Charles's houses, mineral water springs, a buffalo reserve and many more.

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EUR 595 / Per person
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 9 days
Season: April - September

Roebucks Hunting Tour in Czech Republic
Take this tour to hunt roebucks in the most promising areas that Czech Republic has.

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EUR 800 - 3000 / Per person
Hunting outfitters
Duration: 2 - 10 days
Season: April - August
Czech Republic

Discover Prague at Spring Festival 10% off.
May 12-18, Join us in Prague, a showcase for centuries of architecture, music, and culture. Stroll the lanes where great composers walked, thrill to their music in this magical city of spires.

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USD 3870 - 4170 / Per person
Dance, Music and Opera
Duration: 7 days
Season: May
Czech Republic

Ski Tour On The Russian Border, Finland 10% off.
A guided hut-to-hut cross-country skiing tour through the EU's north-easternmost border region, Finnish Kainuu, right on the Russian border, passing across the areas of pristine untouched nature.

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EUR 990 / Per person
Skiing & Snowboarding
Duration: 7 days
Season: February - April

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Europe Travel Stories
Romantic Sussex Castle Stay
When you tire of the hectic London pace, just hop in a cab to Victoria Station and catch a train south for the relaxing one-hour ride to rural Sussex . . . and Amberley Castle. By arrangement, the casual hosts will make the 3-minute run in their Land Rover to the usually deserted local train station, scoop you up, and take you back... read more...

In Search of Tuscan Treasures
My sister, Elene, had the idea of purchasing a hand painted chest of drawers. She wanted the kind that bulge of out their contours in that rococco style that evokes a more graceful age. What better excuse for a trip to Italy? We were interested in antiques, but also in contemporary artisan products. We focused on Tuscany, and... read more...

Famous but unknown - Lancaster
If you hear the word Lancaster, what does the word conjure up? It's a well-known word, one often associated with style or class, or something in history maybe. It's the name of many top-notch hotels, characters in Shakespeare, high class ladies' toiletries, warring medieval families and of movie stars or numerous towns around the globe. All these names have the same origin if you go back far... read more...

Portmeirion, Wales: Pretty Gardens, Pottery, And The Prisoner
It's not often you find a retreat where many diverse interests can all be satisfied on site. But the fantasy Italianate village of Portmeirion is one. Located in a remote corner of northern Wales on Cardigan Bay in the Irish Sea, it is about a five-hour drive or four-hour train ride from central London. Fans of the surreal 1970s... read more...

Where The Reality of The Past Meets The Ghost of The Present
It would be an understatement to say that Northern France is a land steeped in history. It is a land where empire has fought empire for over a thousand years and an historical fault line has left not scars but monuments to the epic endeavours of everyone from the individual ordinary soldier of every age to great statesmen like... read more...

Nimes: Explore Roman Ruins in France
When people think of historic ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, whether it's the imposing and impressive Coliseum, or the frozen-in-time city of Pompeii, their mind usually wanders to the cities of Italy. However, did you know that you will find some of the most beautiful Roman ruins in the south of France? In the little-known city of Nimes, just over an hour away from the major port hub... read more...

Castle to Castle by Bike and by Boat
The summer was glorious. The sun sparkled on the water between the islands of Stockholm and the outdoor cafes were crowded for two full months. Stockholm, "the city that floats on water" as the Swedish novelist Selma Lagerцf called the capital of Sweden was glimmering like a jewel in the setting sun. This is the way to experience this... read more...

London: Family Fun In Harry Potter-land
With all the current hoopla about Harry Potter, this is the perfect time to embrace the windfall and head to the land where it all started. Take your kids to London. Now. To pique their interest, give your kids a get-in-the-mood holiday gift of a book in the best-selling series, and perhaps also a DVD copy of "Harry Potter and... read more...