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Middle East Vacations

While not a continent, but a geopolitical region, the middle east does stand out amongst its neighbors. A mix of old and traditional and new and cutting edge, it is quite an unusual place and definitely worth visiting. Put aside the modern media propaganda, the middle east isn't all up in flames. There are countless things to see, from the old city of Jerusalem in Israel and ancient Petra in Jordan, both holy places and both UNESCO sights, to the skyscrapers and artificial islands of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Jerusalem's old town is a small walled city which is considered holy by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike and should be visited at least once by any true believer. Saudi Arabia's Mecca is the holiest Muslim place in the world, the birthplace of the Prophet Mohamed, however Mecca is strictly off limits to non-Muslims. Petra in Jordan is one of the oldest cities in the world and an amazing sight, most of it is carved directly into the rock.
Bahrain (2) Iran (49) Israel (49) Jordan (95) Lebanon (9) Oman (29) Qatar (3) Saudi Arabia (1) Syria (13) Turkey (83) United Arab Emirates (1)

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