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North America Vacations

North America Vacations

North America is home to just three countries, Canada, Mexico and the USA; countries known to everyone, if nothing else, from the media and TV. Home to some of the biggest and most developed metropolises in the world, the continent definitely has a lot to offer in ways of culture, from the MET in NYC to the Smithsonian in DC or from Broadway to Hollywood. However that is not the only thing to enjoy in North America, the landscapes and eco diversity is equally interesting, from the near arctic north of Canada to the Grand Canyon to the sunny beaches of Miami and Mexico. For those interested in history, there are several colonial cities still standing and of course the Aztec and Mayan ruins in Mexico.
Canada (129) Mexico (78) USA (337)

North America Travel Stories
Mexico's Copper Canyon: Adventure and Discovery A lot has happened in Mexico's Copper Canyon area since it pyroclastic origin some twenty five million years ago. Great mountains rose in a fiery display of smoke and ash. Torrents of rain and wind, cut deep slashes in the raising igneous colossus that we now know as the Sierra Madre, to form immense canyons. Some eleven or twelve thousand years ago, the first humans arrived, migrating bands of... Read more >>>

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