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Oman is a prosperous, modern country which nevertheless maintains its ancient traditions. Visit the Grand Mosque with its huge crystal chandelier and tall minarets, tour the beautifully restored Rustaq and Bahla Forts and the impressive Al-Hazm, Nizwa and Jibreen Forts. Buy gold and silver jewelry, spices and frankincense in the souk in Muscat and handicrafts in the souk in Nizwa. Go scuba diving, sailing or windsurfing off Quiryat, Seifa and Yitti beaches, or take a picnic and enjoy the sun and sparkling water. Swim in the wonderful Bimmah Sinkhole, go birdwatching in the Al-Ansab wetlands and go on a guided tour of the Rubʿ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter. Another popular guided tour will take you through the lovely countryside through the Wadi Sahtan ravine.
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Old Muscat Adventure
- Mutrah Fish Market - Spectacular views over the sea and coastline - Muttrah Fort - Muttrah Corniche - Muttrah Souq

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USD 20 - 200 / Per person
Hiking & Trekking
Cultural Journey
Duration: 1 days
Season: January - December

Trekking and Climbing in Oman
When it comes to trekking, Oman is the best locations: the best routes and the amazing views that is just waiting to be explored!

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USD 150 - 350 / Per person
Rock climbing and mountaineering outfitters
Duration: 1 days
Season: September - April

Oman Spa Resort
Oman Spa Resort, a luxurious spa resort village and it's nestles alongside dramatic desert setting of rugged mountains.

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USD 420 - 1880 / Per day
Spa resorts

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Personal tour guide services in Oman. I can arrange: Golf tours, Round trip tours, Sightseeing tours, museum tours, day trips around Oman and many more.

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USD 225 / Per day
Tour Guide
Season: January - December

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