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With the splendours of its cities and its beautiful countryside, Pakistan is the essence of Asia. Islamabad has lovely gardens and parks and the famous Faial Masjid Mosque with its four tall minarets. Admire the white marble Mazar-e-Quaid and visit the National Museum in Karachi. Shop in the lively bazaars and watch local craftsmen plying their art in the narrow streets of Rawalpindi. Stroll through the lovely Shalimar Gardens, visit Badshahi Mosque and the incredible the Gate of Chauburji in Lahore. Go trekking and mountaineering in the K2 and Nanga Parbat, two of Pakistan’s famous mountains. Shiver over the Baltoro and Batura Glaciers and then take a trip to relax in the hot springs and go trout fishing in the breath-taking Kalasha valley.
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Karakoram Highway to Kyrgyzstan
Experience the delights of Central Asia's most outstanding and varied natural beauty as you cycle through three contrasting Asian nations

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GBP 1595 - 1695 / Per person
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 20 days
Season: May - September