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Saudi Arabia Tour Packages

If you think that Saudi Arabia is a country full of desert and nothing else, you couldn’t be more wrong, so do come and see the beaches, the oases, the rivers and mountains, and yes, the desert! Tour modern Riyadh and the state-of-the-art National Museum in the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre. View Riyadh from the Skybridge on the 99th floor of the Kingdom Tower. Shop in the country’s many superb malls and in the traditional souks, buy hand-made pottery in Jebel-al-Qara and fresh dates in Hofuf which has a large camel market. Explore the incredible ruins of ancient Mada’in Saleh and see the pink palaces in Taif. Go swimming, snorkeling, fishing and water-skiing on the Red Sea at Obhir Creek and explore the wild and beautiful Asir National Park.

Culture Taste in 11 Nights
11 Nights around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to discover the uniqe culture of Saudi and to visit the most famous landmarks in this wonderful country.

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USD 2800 - 4500 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Duration: 10 days
Season: January - December
Saudi Arabia

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