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South America Vacations

South America is most famous for the rainforest and the remarkable eco diversity it offers. There are few other places on earth that can match what South America can offer nature lovers, it is home to the largest river in the world (the Amazon), the tallest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls), and a diversity like nowhere else, from the jungles of the rainforest to the Andean peaks, Patagonian glaciers in the south, and remarkable landscapes in Tierra del Fuego reminiscent of the land of the dinosaurs. It would take years to explore the entire continent no matter what your interests are, there is plenty of everything here. Besides natural wonders, South America is home to the famed carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, as well as historical colonial towns and the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.
Argentina (130) Bolivia (6) Brazil (31) Chile (89) Colombia (18) Ecuador (113) Falkland Islands (2) French Guiana (3) Guyana (22) Peru (162) Suriname (7) Uruguay (8) Venezuela (28)

South America Travel Stories
Chacha Picchu, New Discoveries in Amazonas, Peru As a sometime archaeologist and dedicated adventurer, I have been poking around backcountry Peru since the1960s. While making an income by guiding adventure programs, I have been compiling data on Inca roads and sites associated with the last Incas. For the past several years, I have focused my interest on Choquequirao, an unusual Inca ceremonial site located spectacularly high above the Apurimac... Read more >>>
Southern Comfort....My Trip on the Amazon I couldn't believe it--my fourth day on the Amazon! Dawn was misty and cold--two things I never expected to encounter, but then, I never expected to encounter most of what I was seeing on this trip. I had joined a small group in the Miami airport for the once-per-week direct flight to Iquitos, Peru, gateway to the upper Amazon. Now, standing on the top deck of our ship, the Explorer, I marveled... Read more >>>
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Machu Picchu A group of red-faced, perspiring Americans are working their way up a steep stone path into the nooks of a 550-year-old Inca settlement about 20 miles outside of Cuzco. Looking down on the Urubamba River, a silver ribbon winding 1.500 feet below, they have reason to wheeze. And their unruffled tour guide, who has yet to break a sweat,... Read more >>>
The Birds of the Manu Biosphere Reserve The Manu Biosphere Reserve has, within it's boundaries, the highest concentration of bird life on Earth. At the time of writing approximately 925 species have been recorded and ornitholigists expect this figure to break the 1000 mark in the near future as remoter areas of the reserve are explored. There are a little under 9000 species of birds in the world therefore, Manu holds one in every nine... Read more >>>
A Paradise in Ecuador The Galapagos Islands, paradise of evolution, are located 1000 Km (600 miles) from the coastline of Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean. Of volcanic origin and crossed by the equatorial line, this is also one of the most famous national parks of the world due to its unique characteristics. The Galapagos Islands are made up of 13 main... Read more >>>
Machu Picchu Abandoned, a Summary Machu Picchu was probably built by Pachacuti Inca as a royal estate and religious retreat in 1460-70. After his death, it remained the property of his allus (kinship groups) who were responsible for maintenance, administration and continuing building. As a remarkable sacred site (location as well as buildings), it surely was visited by Topa Inca and the last great ruler, Huayna Capac, although... Read more >>>
Taste your way through the streets of Peru One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through its cuisine. While traveling in Peru, I had a wonderful time exploring the seaside town of Miraflores in Lima, attending a local football match, visiting the historic city of Cusco and... Read more >>>
By boat to Danpaati River Lodge to overnight in the jungle of Suriname Suriname is a country which is still in development when it comes to tourism. It is not a very popular destination for travellers. However, it is a beautiful country with friendly people and lot of things to see and do. Especially when you are looking for an adventurous trip, you should go to Suriname. In my opinion, it is nice... Read more >>>

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