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Trinidad and Tobago Vacations

While Trinidad is busy and lively, Tobago is somewhat wilder, but the combination makes for an excellent holiday destination. Explore the small villages on Tobago to get a taste of the island's culture and tour Port of Spain, Trinidad for a total contrast, with its skyscrapers and bazaars. Visit Queen's Park Savannah which boasts the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Emperor Valley Zoo. Don't miss a trip to Fort George which offers magnificent views of the area. Go hiking and trekking in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve on Tobago to the Argyle Falls and mountain biking in the Adventure Nature Reserve, also on Tobago. Take a guided tour to Trinidad's strange Pitch Lake and explore the magnificent Aripo Caves. Admire Buccoo Reef in a glass-bottom boat and go diving at Speyside, Tobago's diving capital.
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Steelpan Music Festival and Calypso History Month Tour
Enjoy Bach, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff on steelpan at the Steelpan Music Festival. You can combine the 2 gifts Trinidad and Tobago has given to the world in one wonderful week.

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USD 570 - 710 / Per person
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 2 - 30 days
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

Study the Steelpan in Trinidad 10% off.
Learn to play the steelpan from the inventors and innovators of this wonderful new instrument created in Trinidad.

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USD 75 - 105 / Per day
Art and craft workshop
Folk art
Season: January - April
Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Panorama Tour
Pan Players of the world can participate in Panorama, study straight ahead jazz on pan and learn tuning and pan making from Trinidad Masters.

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USD 1198 - 3198 / Per person
Performance Workshops
Music instrument
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

Individual Tours
Individual and personal tour guide to discover the island of Tobago. The tours can also be designed to meet the special interests of the customer like our "Surprise Tour".

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USD 70 - 175 / Per person
Tour Guide
Season: January - December

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