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Accademia Europea di Firenze: History of Contemporary Italy Course
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Accademia Europea di Firenze: History of Contemporary Italy Course

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Key Information:
Class Size: 4 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Specialty: University Study Abroad
School Season: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Course Level: Undergratuate
Languages Used in Teaching: English
Min Price: 580 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 580 Euro (EUR) per course
Scholarship Availability: No
Subject Areas: History

The Accademia Europea di Firenze is one of the fastest growing schools in Florence, located in the center of the historic part of the city, it is a short walk from many of Italy’s most important sights, as well as, restaurants, shops, pubs, parks, night clubs and other places. The AEF staff will welcome you and take care of any arrangements you may need to make your stay the most enjoyable and comfortable possible.

This course reviews the social and political history Italy in the second half of the 20th century. Students will analyze the transformations that conducted Italy from Fascism to becoming a Republic and member of the European union, all in the brief span of a few decades. The history of contemporary Italy is especially designed for people who are interested in learning more about Italy’s history and the relevance of those vents in the Italian lifestyle.

The topics of the course are:
- The coming of Fascism and Mussolini: from a Monarchy to a Dictatorship
- The second world war
- The end of WWII and of Fascism
- The Partisan phenomenon, the Constitution and the Republic
- Italy during the reconstruction
- The 1950’s and the economic boom
- Emigration and the economic and social changes
- The 1960’s and the evolution of the big political parties: the center left, the Cristian Democrats, the Communist Party and the Socialist
- The 1970’s and the season of violence: mafia, massacres and terrorism
- The economic crisis of the 1980’s
- “Tangentopoli” the transformation of the large political parties, the new electoral laws and New Politics
- Italy in the European Union and the new political figures.

Faculty Information:
The teachers at the AEF are all highly qualified and constantly updated in the latest teaching techniques.

Other Activities:
Aside from regular courses our school offers a rich program of optional language and cultural activities (concerts, seminars, films, visits to museums and farms) as well as extra-curricular and recreational activities (parties, dinners, food and wine tasting, sports, etc.) which are offered every week to ensure the enjoyment and cultural fulfillment of the students.

Facility Information:
Our students can choose from among the following types of accommodations:
- Private apartment. This is the best option for those who want to be completely autonomous and free to host friends and family. All apartments are furnished and equipped with kitchen utensils.
- Student apartment. This option allows students to share an apartment with other students (foreign and Italian). Apartments are well equipped and furnished.
- Family-stay. Living with an Italian family is a good way to practice the language and experience the Italian way of life. All families are used to hosting foreign students and willing to share with you their daily routines and traditions.
- Other solutions. It is also possible to reserve accommodations in pensions, hotels, residence or religious institutions.

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