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Semester and Academic Year at Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires
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Semester and Academic Year at Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires

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Key Information:
Class Size: 10 - 100 people
Destination: Argentina  
Specialty: University Study Abroad
School Season: Academic year
Course Level: Undergratuate
Languages Used in Teaching: Spanish
Min Price: 7900 US Dollar (USD) per semester
Max Price: 10800 US Dollar (USD) per semester
Scholarship Availability: Yes
Subject Areas: Accounting, International Relations, Latin American Studies, Biology(General), Literature, Business Admin. & Mngmt., Chemistry, Marketing, Ad., & PR, Communications, Economics, Engineering (Civil), Political Science/Politics, Pre-Law, English, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, History

Universidad de Belgrano offers a wide range of classes ranging from art history to business and all classes are taught by native professors; the majority of professors have been trained in instructing students who speak Spanish as a second language. Students who take a year or semester program in Buenos Aires will have access to UB library, bookstore, study areas, restaurants, computer labs, athletic events, and cultural activities. The university is located in prestigious Belgrano, one the safest neighborhoods in the city, where students will find many different cafes, restaurants, shops, and more. From the university, students in a study abroad semester in Buenos Aires will have easy access to other parts of the city including Las Cañitas, Palermo, and downtown.

The year and semester programs in Buenos Aires, students can focus for a semester or year in their areas of university study with Argentine students and/or on the Spanish language.

Option 1: Semester Prep and Academic Year Prep

On the Year Prep and Semester Preparation Programs, students participate in an intensive month-long Spanish course before they begin their first regular Semester of study to prepare for their classes taught in Spanish (recommended semester credits 18-24). Students have the option of taking courses at the in a variety of fields related to their major or general education requirements. Some examples are listed below:
- Latin American Studies
- Engineering
- Psychology
- Business
- Public Health and Nutrition
- Economics
- Political Science, etc.

Option 2: Semester and Academic Year

During the regular semesters students generally take four to five courses taught in Spanish (recommended semester credits 12-16). Classes are available in a wide variety of subjects, including some Spanish language courses. Students have the option of taking courses at the in a variety of fields related to their major or general education requirements. Some examples are listed below:
- Latin American Studies
- Engineering
- Psychology
- Business
- Public Health and Nutrition
- Economics
- Political Science, etc.

Option 3: Spanish Semesters (13-14 weeks)

Students also have a Spanish language only option at the Universidad de Belgrano, where they take Spanish language courses with students from around the world at the following levels (recommended semester credits 12-16):
- Beginner
- Intermediate I
- Intermediate II
- Advanced.

All levels are offered on each year and semester program in Argentina.

Our year or semester program in Argentina is available to all ages and nationalities. If a current undergraduate, U.S students are required to have a minimum accumulative 2.5 GPA, and students of all other nationalities can submit their course marks to be evaluated on a similar scale. Students attending the Universidad de Belgrano need to have a low intermediate or above level of Spanish (recommended 3+ semesters of Spanish with a grade of a 80% or better), unless doing the Option 3 Spanish Semester where students can be Beginners through Advanced.

We strive to provide our students with the very best accommodation options available during their year or semester program in Buenos Aires. We maintain a well-established network of comfortable apartments and family homes in some of the city’s best and safest neighborhoods. Our goal is to create comfortable and culturally rich accommodation settings where students will be able to immerse themselves in the Argentina culture during their studies abroad. All of our accommodation gives students that are in a year or semester program in Buenos Aires the opportunity to meet locals and foreigners, and to live and breathe the culture and language of Argentina.

Family Homestay (with meals)

The family homestay option is the best fit for students looking for a great deal of interaction with local Argentines and who want to witness first-hand the host family’s daily life and customs. The host families know the city of Buenos Aires inside and out, offer insight into porteño (Buenos Aires) culture, and greatly enhance the student’s immersion process. The dynamics of our host families vary from señoras living alone to young married couples with children to solo parents with college students. All families and living conditions are screened to ensure secure and comfortable living environments. Students join the family for meals. We believe the family homestay to be the best option for those truly seeking to accelerate their Spanish by seizing the opportunity to practice castellano on a daily basis.

Shared Apartment

The shared apartment option suits independent students looking to live with other young native Spanish speakers living in Buenos Aires. These individuals are well acquainted with the city and its porteño culture, and provide an excellent resource for expediting the student’s immersion in Buenos Aires. Students may have anywhere from one roommate up to eight other young people living under the same roof. The other roommates are students or young professionals living, working, and/or studying in Buenos Aires and are generally between the ages of 20-32. When living in a shared apartment students enjoy more freedom and added responsibility. Students are expected to cook their own meals and clean up after themselves. The shared apartment option offers independence to students who still look to gain from the knowledge and experience of their locally-based roommates.

Application deadlines are sixty (60) days before program start date for all year and semester studies in Buenos Aires. Applications received between sixty (60) days and seven (7) days before Year or Semester in Buenos Aires start dates will be evaluated on a case-by case basis. Submissions will not be accepted less than seven (7) days before the Year and Semester in Buenos Aires Program start dates.

We pride ourselves on offering students the opportunity to take a study abroad year or semester in Argentina, at affordable tuition rates. We work with each student’s home institution in order to assist with the financial aid process and as well we have created several scholarship opportunities to aid our university study abroad participants in fulfilling their dream of studying and traveling abroad. Applying for financial aid for study abroad programs can sometimes be challenging, therefore we are always happy to help our students to find ways to fund their programs.

Faculty Information:
Classes are taught by native professors in a wide variety of subjects from art history to business, and many professors are trained in instructing students who speak Spanish as a second language.

Other Activities:
We encourage all students enrolled in our year or semester program in Buenos Aires to experience the most they can from Buenos Aires and Argentina by taking part in our student activities and workshops. All of our activities and workshops promote student learning, cultural immersion, travel, and interaction with locals and foreigners. Our activities and workshops combined with a year or semester program in Buenos Aires create an inspiring and unforgettable study and travel abroad experience.

Activities: Our activities are normally offered 4-5 days a week in the afternoons or evenings in order to add to the student experience without interfering with coursework. Most activities are included in the semester program in Argentina fee or at a low cost for students, such as meal or entrance costs. Students enrolled in a year or semester program in Argentina have the opportunity to enjoy the following activities: weekly staff and student dinners; weekly football games; day trips to Tigre; local concerts; asados (Argentine barbecue); tango shows and classes; museum and exhibit visits; artisan fairs; weekly cultural city tours.

Workshops: We offer a variety of workshops to our students in our year and semester programs in Buenos Aires including cooking classes, wine tasting, tango lessons, polo lessons, photography, and fileteado painting. Each workshop comes in packages of 2, 4, or 8 classes and can be reserved upon arrival. Workshops are a great way to add to the study abroad experience and to learn about the culture in Argentina, acquire new skills, meet locals, and practice the Spanish language.

We encourage all students in our year or semester program in Argentina to participate in our extraordinary excursions and to put their Spanish language skills to use. We offer exciting adventures to some of the most magnificent cities and areas in Argentina where students will be able to discover the cuisine, landscape, people, culture, and history of Argentina. Here are the included weekend excursion destinations we offer students in our year and semester programs in Argentina to discover: Colonia, Uruguay; Iguazú Falls, Argentina; Mendoza, Argentina; and a day at an estancia, Argentina.

Facility Information:
A year or semester study abroad in Buenos Aires gives students the ability to receive a high quality education, all while enjoying the many splendors of the capital city of Argentina. Both of our semester program universities in Buenos Aires offer a wide variety of courses, allowing students to study their major, the Spanish language, or other areas of interest. During the year or semester program in Buenos Aires, students will have ample time to explore the city, discover its history and culture, meet other students and locals, and partake in activities, workshops, and weekend excursions around Argentina and to the limits with bordering countries. The people of Argentina are regarded as warm, kind, and sincere and students in our semester program in Buenos Aires will find that locals will encourage them to try to speak whenever they can.

Price Includes:
- Tuition: university courses and academic credit
- Official university transcript
- Housing in a local residence, apartment, or homestay
- Weekend excursions:
* Day trip to Colonia, Uruguay
* Day trip to an estancia (traditional Argentine ranch)
* Weekend trip to Iguazú Falls, Argentina
* Weekend trip to Mendoza, Argentina
- Weekly cultural and social activities coordination, such as dinners, shows, museums, fairs, nights out, concerts, etc.
- Airport pick-up
- Orientation and city tour
- ISIC Student Identity Card
- Cell phone (+ a US $60 deposit)
- Computer access and WiFi at school and library facilities
- Conversation partner (Intercambio)
- Pre-Arrival and welcome packets (calling card, subway pass, insider's city guide, maps, and more)
- Pre-departure Student Advising and a network of on-site support staff.

Price Excludes:
- Flight
- Workshops
- Additional Excursions (aside from the ones inclu

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