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A Paradise in Ecuador

Article contributed by: Kleintours

The Galapagos Islands, paradise of evolution, are located 1000 Km (600 miles) from the coastline of Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean. Of volcanic origin and crossed by the equatorial line, this is also one of the most famous national parks of the world due to its unique characteristics. The Galapagos Islands are made up of 13 main islands, 6 smaller islands and 41 islets.
Created by strong eruptions, each of them is just the peak of an invisible gigantic volcano of 3000 m., deep below the ocean, giving the Islands a moonlike appearance.

The main attraction nevertheless, is the presence of many different endemic species of flora and fauna, making it the perfect destination for nature - lovening travelers. These characteristics are the reason why Charles Darwin named it "Paradise of evolution" and Jacques Cousteau "The last wildlife santuary". In the Galapagos Islands animals have not learned to fear man, it is amazing the way you can approach them and be considered another inhabitant of their paradise.

Symbolic of the archipelago are the tortoises, there are 11 subspecies of the giant tortoise, land-and marine iguanas, penguins and 13 species of finches, famous birds of Darwin's studies for his theory of evolution. Different species of cacti, pamper and mangroves in four different colors are also endemic. The rich marine life is fascinating for divers who will find perfect spots and reefs. Several beaches are ideal for snorkeling or just swimming with sea lions, rays and sharks.As on the surface, underwater, there is a world teeming with life: more than 400 species of multicolored fish and endemic plants to be found only in the Galapagos offer a great opportunity for snorkeling.

This is a land where nature left the puzzle open, a dream land, with a hot equatorial sun, an eternal cool breeze and a sublime horizon that you can never forget.