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Extreme sports to practice in Baslicata, South Italy

Author: Sabrina Barbante
Article contributed by: http://www.sabrinabarbante.com

Have you ever heard about Basilicata? Maybe not, because this is one of the most amazing secrets of Italy. This region is green and blue, because of its 2 small coasts (rocky the one at east, facing the Taranto Gulf, and sandy and smooth the other one at west) and green national parks (the Parco Naturale del Pollino is the biggest in Italy end Europe).

No need to say that food here is delicious and bound to local old farming traditions and that the wine is better than the Tuscany one! Now that you know that this southern region exists, you can't pretend not to know it anymore and you must come and visit it. Even more so, if you are a sport enthusiast and you like extreme and high adrenaline activities in the open air. Basilicata is the region in Italy with more facilities for adventure sports, such asВ  rafting, canyoning, paragliding,В orienteering, hiking, flight of the angel and flight of the eagle.

Then there are also quieter things to do such asВ horse riding, cycling, skiing, archery, bird watching, sailing. So let's learn more about how and where to do such activities in Basilicata. You can learn here the "5 unconfortable truth that will take you to Basilicata"

Flight of the Angel

In the very heart of Basilicata there are the Lucanian Dolomites; two small towns settled here, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, host the two capes of a steel suspended cable that crosses a breathtaking valley. This cable, every year, turns thousands people into angels birds. Local and licensed experts will tie you in total safety to the steel cable and you'll fly to the other side of the valley in an breathtaking flight where you'll observe the landscape and your courage from above. You will live the thrill of flying some minutes in a fantastic adventure, one of the best in Italy and in the world.After you get in one of the two beautiful town you'll have the chance to have a walk and taste good local food or just visiting around this typical village. After your flight you can go to center and get a bus that will take you to the starting point (the bus cost is included in the reservation). You can make this flight in couple! That would be so romantic, wouldn't it?

Costs per person vary from 35 - 40 euros depending on the day of the week and season while the couple flight can cost between 63 - 72 per couple depending on the same parameters. If you choose to flyВ on weekdays in July from Tuesday to Friday, you will be reserved for a Special price for tickets: Single flight 30 euroВ -В Couple flight 55 euro. Worth trying!

Book on www.volodellangelo.com

Flight of the eagle

Another opportunity given to the adventure and strong emotions lovers is to be turned into an eagle, with the flight of the eagle facilities. (this area is populated by amazing species of eagles that will make you walk with your nose up!)

You can make a winged "fly" in a group of 4, after you reach a little village of San Costantino Albanese, on the slopes of the Pollino National Park. Here there is the facility to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of a fall with a hang glider attached to a steel cable at a speed of about 90 km per hour, flying over the roofs and descending to the valley along an angular distance of approximately one kilometer. The experience is as thrilling as safe, also for adventurous families (with children of at least 10 years old). Ticket per person are very cheap: 15 euros per person (10 if you are younger than 15). Book on www.volodellaquila.net


Compass and topographic map in hand, in the greener south of Basilicata, you can approach this sports of Nordic origin, the sport of woods. With the guidance and organization of The steps of I passi del Pollino A.S.D. Orienteering, you will step into an unknown path, marked only by conventional points, called lanterns, and develop your sense of direction and discovery. Newcomers can also practice this particular sport, that challenges the nature and your sense of orientation and self balance, undertaking multi-day tours dedicated to the practice. Costs depend on the number of participants. The best thing is to subscribe in groups of 10-20 people and the cost per person can be from 20-50 euros.

How to reach Basilicata

Come by car, if possible. You can travel down Italy from the Northern borders and get in 6 - 9 hours to Basilicata or you can land in Napoli, Bari or Brindisi Airports and easily rent a car. Coming by car you will be able to see as many places as possible of this amazing region; in fact, despite local transports are quite good for connecting the 2 main cities Potenza and Matera, the rest of the very interesting areas (those mentioned above included) are uncovered by a good transport system. Moreover it will be easier for you to carry on more sport facilities and even a tent to stop at some local camping area. And so, what are you waiting for? Come and discover the best secret of Italy.

Sabrina Barbante is an Italian travel blogger, novelist and Social Media Marketing consultant who's equally devoted to travels and writing and successfully combines both, whenever possible. And when it's not possible, she resorts to her third passion – reading. After several years as an employee in the field of communication, she decided to become a digital nomad and travel writer. To learn more about Sabrina, visit http://www.sabrinabarbante.com

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