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M10055 invites you to discover the natural and cultural wonders of Mongolia, one of the last remaining seldom-explored countries. The traveler will discover this untouched country and marvel at its unique combination of ancient Buddhist tradition with a nomadic horse-based culture. He will revel in her natural beauties such as the Gobi desert, the arid semi-desert regions of the West with snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine lakes such as Hovsgol, green fertile rolling hills with herds of horses and yaks, etc.

Join us to explore the beauties of this country and the friendliness of its people. Make your own group, join one of our groups, design your own tour or choose one of our exciting destinations. M10055 offers flexible and competitive prices without altering the quality of the services.

The staff of M10055 is waiting to help you. Our staff are trained for backcountry emergencies and trekking guides are competent in first aid delivery. Mongol Trekking also has a doctor on its staff in Ulaanbaatar. Every trekking route is carefully planned and we use high quality equipment and cars to ensure clients' safety and comfort.
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 1  PHILLIP ELLIOTT / Verified User Review
We went there and the tour was excellent! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

 2  Agnes Lespinasse / Verified User Review
This was fun and guide spoke very good English. The only regret - not enough contact with the locals.