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M11275 is one of the finest tours and safaris companies in Kenya and East Africa. We specialize in Kenya Tanzania Safaris, Africa Wildlife Safaris Kenya, Zanzaibar Safaris, Africa Vacational Holidays, Kenya Lodge Safaris, Tanzania Camping Safaris, Reservation and Hotel Bookings, Luxury Lodge Safaris, Kenya Camping Safaris, Balloon Safaris, Luxury tended safaris, Kenya Water rafting, Kenya Air safaris, Mountain Climbing safaris, Gorilla safaris, Cultural and Nature adventures, Honeymoon arrangements and weddings, Zanzibar Wedding and Honeymoon, Airport transfers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and memorable holiday vacations for group Safaris. Over the years, we have established close contacts with hotels and lodges in eastern Africa, our bookings are based on recommendations from personal experiences.

We cater for the fit and special interest groups. Our clients are guaranteed high standards of services and all our packages have been carefully planned. We boast ourselves on attention to detail with innovative and interesting itineraries being our specialty. We invite you for your real taste of African experience. Our experienced tour guide will provide you with the very best in African safaris. Our safaris get nature while not abandoning comfort. The experience is unique and a real remedy to any form of stress, its entertaining beyond words.
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 1  judy / Nice
I really enjoyed your services.
keep it up, and may the almight Bless your work.