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Our company began in 19991, providing canoe, kayak, and cross country ski rentals. We are a small home based operation offering quality equipment and help with planning your activity. We specialize in fitting the length and challenge of the outfitting to best suit the group. Owner Brad Bubb is an Outdoor Recreation graduate from the University of Utah, with 30 years experience.
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 1  David Brooks / Verified User Review
We had a great time! Mr. Bubb prepared us well for our trip down the Susquehanna. For example, we were able to bypass problems of limbs across the water on one side of an island, etc., that we could not foresee because of his guidance before we left. He was timely and friendly, as well.

David Brooks

 2  Richard Ellis / Canoe, Kayak, and Cross Country Ski Rentals in North Central PA
I've enjoyed a lot my vacation! Highly recommend it!