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Why visit Honduras? Because it is the most underrated tourist destinaton in Central America. For environmentally oriented travelers, especially for those who like to get off the beaten path, Honduras is a dream come true. The North Coast of Honduras, where M11403 is located, stretches 750 kilometers along the Caribbean Sea from the Guatemala border in the West, near Copan, to Nicaragua in the East, along the Mosquito Coast. It consists of alternating white sand beaches, mangrove forests and rocky cliffs overlooking the clear blue water of the Caribbean Sea. Just inland, high mountains cloaked in clouds harbor hundreds of exotic species of wildlife, the very inaccessibility of the land protecting the habitat. Honduras is a land of beautiful diversity: mountains and untamed rivers, beaches and coral reefs, mangroves and wilderness. Two-thirds of the nation is mountainous and 40% is forested, the highest percentage in Central America.

For those travelers in search of history, western Honduras, a triangular wedge of mountains and forests bordering Guatemala to the northwest and El Salvador to the southwest, is best known for sites of spectacular Mayan Indian ruins centering around the city of Copan. Travelers, seeking the ruins of a grand civilization, are often surprised to find the descendants of the Maya still living around this area. Although the Mayan city of Copan collapsed around the year 900 A.D., the culture and traditions live on, accompanied by the plants and animals that played and continue to play a role in religious ceremonies.

From the main buildings, gravel pathways lead through the lush tropical landscape of the grounds to the secluded guest cabins, tucked within the dense foliage of coffee and cacao trees. The luxuriously appointed cabins are the perfect marriage of rustic elegance and all the comforts of home.

Trails run throughout the 200-acre property and into the adjacent Pico Bonito National Park. Climb our observation tower for a superb view of the dense rainforest that surrounds you or for glimpses of the Bay Islands offshore. Our guides will help you identify many of the more than 275 species of birds that inhabit the area. Jaguars, ocelots, kinkajous, peccaries, and several species of monkey have been sighted. Trails lead to numerous nearby waterfalls where you can swim in the crystal mountain waters, home to wild river otters and tayras.

"The most rewarding way into Pico Bonito is through the ecoresort of M11403. Attractions include excellent bird watching (over 325 species identified in the area), swimming under the waterfalls, and hiking on trails up the river valleys into the thick of the jungle." (James Gollin and Ron Mader, Honduras - Adventures in Nature)
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