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Looking for a true unspoiled and virtually unvisited tropical rainforest, where you can explore the eco-system at your own pace while staying at a cozy jungle hideaway, you found it! M11500 Rainforest Lodge, located in Northern Costa Rica.

M11500 in Northern Costa Rica offers you 1250 Acres (500 Hectares) of virgin tropical rainforest with an incredible variety of fauna and flora. 350 different species of birds have been counted, among them the Great Green Macaw.

The Lodge is operated in harmony with nature, under ecological guidelines. A perfect place for passionate bird-watchers and rain forest lovers. More than 10 km of well marked rainforest trails make birding and exploring nature easy, no matter whether you prefer to explore nature and wildlife on your own or with a naturalist or birding guide.

At our lodge we offer 500 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest. The Lodge is operated in harmony with nature, under ecological guidelines. A perfect place for passionate bird-watchers and rainforest lovers. You can explore the ecosystem at your own pace on more than 10km of marked trails where you can see poison dart frogs,over 350 species of birds, caimans an an incredible variety of trees and plants menu.
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Questions and Answers
We are a company that provides the highest quality hides for nearly-guaranteed wildlife photography opportunities.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

The lodge opened in 1989.

2. What is your company's mission?

Our great vision is to establish a hide center in almost every important biodiversity area of the world, with several hides at each location.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Photography tour, bird watching, rainforest tours.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

The owner came to Costa Rica in 1974 as Manager of Bank of America┬┤s Branch in Costa Rica and never in my wildest dreams thought that this would become my permanent home.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

All of our packages are popular.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

M11500 offer a smorgasbord of species to photograph. Forget sleep, there is just too much to do and photograph. And not just species, but a nice variety of action and light conditions. The hides are well-located and specifically built for photography, and Bence's wide knowledge of birds ensures that bird photography has all the elements needed for successful photo shoots. Luck is still needed, and some skills at photography, but at least most other aspects have been covered. My first Wild Wonders of Europe mission was to photograph birds in the Hungarian puszta. I contacted Hidephotography and booked myself to their hides in May-08. The trip was more than successful! I took great shots of my target species, inter alia European Roller, European Bee-eater, Great Egret, Red-footed falcon, Hoopoe and many more. Bence is a brilliant guide, great company and an outstanding photographer.

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