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Nanook Lodge is the proud home to many Fortune 500 companies that entertain their top customers and valued employees. Up to 18 guests enjoy first class fishing, dining and lodging within a short seaplane flight from Seattle. Adventure trips arranged for bear viewing, hiking, and exploration. Personal service from dedicated employees and guides.

SALT WATER FISHING- The prized Chinook, noted for its size, fight, and taste, heads the list of most sought salmon. Nanook will prepare your fish for dinner, prepare it for shipment home, or assist in release back to the wild. Beginning in March, Nanook guides follow Pacific Salmon, residents or transients that are at various stages of their two- to seven- year life cycles. Using large covered boats, you will angle the "Inside Passage". The ride is smooth, the water is tame, and the conveniences are close at hand on Stuart Island. While fishing, you will experience the spectacular scenery of British Columbia. Towering peaks plummet into deep blue waters. There are spectacular views of wildlife at every turn. In addition to salmon fishing, bottom fish for lingcod and halibut.

FLY FISHING- For many, many generations, thousands of Pink salmon have returned to the Phillips River to spawn as their two-year life cycle comes to an end. This occurrence happens only in even numbered years for the “pinks” and all within the months of July, August and September. As many as 500,000 fish will enter this beautiful river providing constant activity for anglers. Coho, Chinook, Chum and Sockeye are present too. Only 25 minutes from Nanook Lodge by boat, the Phillips River is accessed by using club-cab pickups that can maneuver the parallel logging road. Usually Nanook guests will ocean fish in the morning, then spend the afternoon either fly-fishing or spin casting in the Phillips. Waders are optional as angling can be done from the bank or in shorts too. Fly-fishers need to bring their own rods. Flies and spinners are sold at the lodge.
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 1  Dave Ferguson / The fkexible schedule has made it our choice for o
Unlike some other experiences, this lodge lets the guest set the schedule about when to leave and return. Lunch can be taken along or a gourmet shore lunch can be arranged. Eco-touring is part of the fishing experience, and the guides ar every knowledgeable. The facilities are quite nice and the staff friendly. Many of the guys have taken their families back later to share the many great experiences available.

 2  Mark W / More enjoyment than one person should be allowed t
I was part of a 10-person group... and the experience was truly one for the books. I've been fortunate to make many journeys around the world in my 49 years... but none as fulfilling with adventure, fellowship and real relaxation. I am currently making arrangements to return next season and take my 18 yr old son with me. I had to live 30 years longer than he has to learn what this world was made for! Pack your bags lightly... so you won't be "overweight" taking your catch home. In ... view more three days of fishing, I caught my limit daily with an average 28 lbs each (Chinook). I only regret that I didn't plan to stay longer than 5 nights. Larry and his son Sam will make you right at home, for sure. ENJOY!

 3  David Metoyer / I tell everyone I know, "This is the BEST!"
I have been to Nanook several times and everytime I go I want to stay longer. The staff and guides are always available to assist you with making your trip enjoyable. The meals are amazing and reflect the treasures of the area-shrimp, oysters, salmon and fresh vegetables. The guides know the best placees to find fish too. Last Fall we caught our limit each day while enjoying the beauty of BC. Our guides also knew the area and caould answer all questions and point out many sights we might have otherwise missed. ... view more Having covered fishing boats instead of whalers made the weather a non-issue too! Cant wait for the next trip.

 4  Harvey Beller / Each trip has been great
Can't say enough about the accomodations and the fishing.. Absolutely the best.. This will be our 4th trip to the lodge and each trip has been great.. The boats, guides, fishing and accomodations are wonderful... Very professionally run..