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A fine jewel nestled on the pristine Canadian Inside Passage. Rough-cut from native stone and timber, and polished with passion and the belief that every guest should feel like a welcome old friend. The Sund family has created a unique and extraordinary wilderness retreat featuring superb fishing, world-class dining and a wonderful personally catered atmosphere for a few fortunate souls seeking to get away for adventure or relaxation. Come and be our guest. The intimate 40 acre setting on Malcolm Island in Northern British Columbia is perfect for getting away with family, friends or business associates. A maximum of 20 guests means a pampering of personal service that cannot be matched by large resorts. Your stay is customized to your wishes.

Nothing can prepare you for the wonder of the northern wilderness. In this land where wildlife is abundant, the calm silence of nature is intoxicating. The physical beauty of the Blackfish Sound area surrounding Malcolm Island is phenomenal. As you travel the calm waters of the Inside Passage of the Pacific Ocean, you can expect to see the breathtaking sights of huge Orca whales, inspiring Bald eagles, quick and agile porpoises, and the occasional seal. But don't expect to see many people because this part of God's creation is untouched by man. Enjoy the view from your boat, stroll along the beach, or take a relaxing paddle in one of our sea kayaks. Leave footprints, take pictures and keep cherished memories.
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