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M11936 is located in the beautiful Maruia river valley in the spectacular southern alpine area of the South Island of New Zealand. Our remote location is 5 km north of the small village of Springs Junction on the main inland route between the cities of Christchurch and Nelson. The lodge is situated at the headwaters of four blue ribbon trout rivers, the Maruia, Grey, Lewis and Inangahua and within an hours drive from the lodge we have access to no less than 45 different rivers, streams and creeks. Together with helicopter fly outs to remote wilderness rivers we have access to a total of 260 miles of New Zealand’s finest trout water. Our unique location enables us to fish on a far greater number of rivers than any other lodge in New Zealand.

These magnificent wild mountain rivers offer the classic fly fishing experience - spotting and sight casting to trophy brown trout in crystal clear water. An average trout from our rivers is over 5 pounds with many in the 6-8 pound class and plenty over the "trophy" 10 pounds. Anglers enjoy vast stretches of water all to themselves, walking the riverbanks and casting into picture perfect riffles, runs and pools. A combination of our drive out fishing with optional helicopter wilderness trips provide the ultimate fly fishing experience
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