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One of New Zealand's first established accommodation houses, this private Lodge is a famous trout fishing destination & environmental retreat. Now also Qualmark 5 star, with luxury boutique accommodation, the seclusion of the Lodge is a major part of its attraction. While access is easy, the Lodge is in one of the most remote settings for New Zealand accommodation. The final stage of the magnificent drive leading to the Lodge is shingle road, flanked by pristine podocarp forest, with some trees dating back 600-1000 years.

The Lodge first obtained its reputation around the turn of the last century, a little more than 20 years after the first browns were released. New Zealand angling writers based themselves here, with the first guides to New Zealand trout fishing naming our Lodge at Mitchells as one of only two top destinations. And so M11951 became part of New Zealand's fishing heritage. Excellent trout are caught here. The average size varies from stream to river but is in the 3.5 to 5lb range. There are wonderful learning fisheries with a high volume of small (3 to 5lbs) trout, beautiful spring creeks, demanding clear water stalking, and the next trout you find could be a trophy. Light rods, floating lines, short casts, dry fly and nymph are the tools of choice. Great sport! Fly fishing at its best. The spin cast fisher will also find excellent sport. Here the fishery varies with different species, and provides the opportunity for exciting days for the novice fishing for a day as part of a holiday, and for the expert.

Our wish is for it to be an area that people can come to for a friendly and relaxing break: find all staff and management happy to please their requirements so they can leave here feeling refreshed and back to nature from the experience in this special place.
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