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M11977 Fishing Lodge opened its doors on January 1996 and has quickly become one of the Yucatan’s most popular fishing destinations, and with good reason: The lodge is located 90 miles south of Cancun in the 1.3 million acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve(Mayan for "where the sky is born"). Situated on a long, narrow strip of barrier beach, the lodge is virtually surrounded by water. To the east lies the blue Caribbean and a few hundred yards off shore, the Palancar Barrier Reef which stretches from southern Belize to north of Cancun. On the western side lies the vast "El Rio" system of flats, channels and mangrove. 10 miles to the north is the famed inlet through the barrier beach known locally as the "Boca". And 4 miles to the south lies the incomparable Ascension Bay. The entire area boasts some of the Caribbean’s greatest flats fishing for bonefish, permit, snook, tarpon and others, as well as reef and offshore fishing.
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 1  Tom Pickren / My first bonefish
Just wanted to let you know the second day was also a great fishing trip. I finally got my first bonefish - thanks to Nestor (attached) - and then added a really nice 20" one. Jim's first one is attached and he caught 4 total plus got a permit on but it broke the line - he's still losing sleep over that. He may have a better picture for the web site (bigger fish :)). We'll send it later. You can post these to the web site if you want.

Thanks again to all. We will certainly spread ... view more the word.
Tom Pickren

 2  Brett & Debbie Graham / 4 BIG PERMITS
What a great experience! When you think it can't get any better ... 4 big permits, 3 permits with a double! Big Carillo snapper - yum! Debbie had on a big tarpon ... but the silver king won yet another battle. Felipe did a great job putting up with a couple of bass fishermen / women. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.
July 9th 2007

 3  Greg, Grant, Christian William / A very good day!
A very good day! Luis put us onto fish all day! And always so I could cast with the wind. My 1st bonefish, my 1st jacks on a fly, and even a tarpon! Guide was very friendly and patient with us beginners. We will be back!
July 2007

 4  Cguenaya and Matt Reddam / Honeymoon at M11977
Amazing, relaxing and a fun place to spend our honeymoon. The fishing was great, the boat rides very beautiful and the snorkeling was excellent. We enjoyed the staff's company and the cooking was out of this world! A very special thank you to Felipe, our guide, for helping us spot and catch all the fish! He rocks!! We'll be back!
July 2007

 5  Chris Southwick & Jim Sanchez / Best week of fishing ever!
Best week of fishing I have ever had. With guides like “STING RAY“ Juan and CALM Luis you can’t go wrong. I’ll be back. Excellent 4 days fishing and good weather. 50 BONEFISH and 1 PERMIT. Tarpon escaped again…… Next year. House staff very accommodating. Noe is excellent host!!

 6  Ed & Ellen Southwick / 56 Bonefish!!!!!
Excellent week I caught 56 BONEFISH and 1 PERMIT. Ellen caught 32 BONES. Great guides and lodge staff. This is our 6th trip and we will be back!!
September 2007

 7  Conor Mullady / A trip of a lifetime
…I really enjoyed my trip down to M11977… While I was down stay at the lodge, I met some of your wonderful clients that I would like to stay in touch with. I just want to say that the trip to M11977 was, “A trip of a life time.” There is not a day that goes by, that I do not think and day dream about that trip. The guides, fishing and accommodations where wonderful. I really look forward to coming down again with some clients of my own.

Best wishes and tight lines…
Conor Mullady

 8  Gary Yost / Memorable even with tough weather
Tough weather and even tougher Permit! The staff worked hard and made the 4 days very comfortable and memorable. Lunch on Iguana Island was great, muchas gracias!

 9  Bill and Pam Oakes / Absolutely wonderful time!
We had an absolutely wonderful time at M11977! The crew were knowledgeable and helpful and did their best to meet our wants and needs. In addition to the fishing, tons of wildlife to see. What a great place! Thanks for your hospitality!
April 2007