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M12126 is much more than Ecuador's Tropical Forest Resort & Spa and more than the exotic and delicious fruit of this unique region, which was the inspiration for our name. It is located less than two hours from Quito, Ecuador in the middle of the richest, most biodiverse "hotspot" on the globe. With its ecologically sensitive bungalows, M12126 offers its guests a glimpse at the richness and tranquility of this most fragile region combined with the finest in tropical comfort.

From having a stress-relieving aromatic massage, to participating in any one of our many educational Eco-tours, to making chocolate out of cacao seeds, M12126 is an experience that appeals to all senses. Recognized several times by prestigious international tourism organizations as the finest resort in Ecuador, M12126 has now been honored internationally for its impeccable personalized service, exquisite cuisine, and exceptional accommodations. Once here, guests are sure to find life's poetry in every corner of this unique paradise.

M12126 is located in the richest “Hotspot” on the globe, with more than 35.000 species of plants. This area also contains the largest variety of amphibians in the world, with over 664 distinct species. Sadly, almost 450 amphibian species are listed as endangered and threatened. M12126 is fully aware of this delicate issue and upon your visit; you will see the multiple conservation efforts that we have implemented as an organization and family.

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