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The resort is many things to many different people. To the experienced golfer it is a superbly-designed and exclusive golf resort. To the modern city-dweller it is a mountain and jungle retreat in the finest tradition. To the over-worked executive it is a health-giving spa offering physical and spiritual rejuvenation. But for everyone, it’s about getting back to basics, back to nature.

The spa is a retreat-within-a-retreat, a place where the stresses and strain of modern life can be soothed away, to be replaced by the invigorating forces of nature. The key to achieving the desired state of relaxation is the carefully-chosen range of therapies and treatments available, which can be enjoyed indoors in the luxuriously appointed spa facilities, or outdoors amidst unspoilt nature.

Each of the Clubhouse’s 58 club rooms and 4 suites is individually appointed with a tasteful blend of traditional materials and fine indigenous craftsmanship, to truly reflect the richness and diversity of Sarawak’s cultural heritage. Every room and suite enjoys a spectacular view of the beautifully landscaped gardens and the surrounding rain forest.

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 1  Len Khow Kew / Verified User Review
Too quiet due to lack of other guest present in the resort as well as the golf course. May cause security risk to golfers
as some areas are too secluded.