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This enchanting intimate hideaway offers superb vistas - spectacular by day and romantic by night. Nested in lush tropical gardens and surrounded by tropical vegetation, this charming retreat provides you with fantastic opportunities that nature enthusiasts and culturally interested persons can enjoy here in Jamaica, particularly in eastern Jamaica in combination with a hotel that provides just the right atmosphere to enjoy a nourishing, personalised holiday away from the crowds.

The hotel provides an ideal setting for nature lovers and bird watchers with over 40 endemic species and some endangered ones such as the Black-billed Streamer-tail that can be viewed on property. Acclaimed as one of the best places for bird-watching on island as well as having one of the best restaurants with creative Caribbean cuisine, it is for those seeking a special, peaceful, off the beaten track experience. From the hotel’s location, guests can discover the most beautiful area of Jamaica. Hiking, snorkelling, diving, cycle tours and excursions tours into the Blue Mountains are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed here. The area also provides numerous opportunities for bird and butterfly watching in the region. The beach is only a 5-minute drive away. The hotel has been selected twice consecutively as the most environmentally- and socially friendly small hotel in the Caribbean, a criterion that is becoming increasingly important for guests who seek a healthy holiday environment.

The fact that the hotel is acclaimed for its environmental and socially sensitive operations is just another benefit that most educated travellers who are concerned about healthy lifestyles, value as another element of quality and complements the natural setting. The hotel abounds with many personal touches and original art works from the artist-owner and offers a gracious atmosphere. The welcoming managers take time to share tips, background information and insights about Jamaican art and culture. The hotel management assists in arranging tours, excursions and offering art classes.
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