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Taveuni Island Resort - Fiji is the vision of a young New Zealand couple who found this remote island whilst on honeymoon in Fiji, 28 years ago. On discovering its spectacular rain forests and underwater treasures, they knew Taveuni Island was a perfect place to build a romantic Fiji resort.

From sea level to cloud shrouded mountain peaks, Taveuni is a utopia for nature lovers. The island and the shallow sea surrounding it form a natural stage on which the Fiji islands can show itself to perfection.

In this verdant Fijian paradise you can discover the attractions of Taveuni's cascading waterfalls, rare birds and hidden lake in one of the world's few completely undisturbed habitats. Take a walk along the coast, experience a kava ceremony. Take a kayak or snorkle and explore aqua lagoons teeming with schools of multi-hued fish and delicate corals. Experience it all with from one of the top luxury Fiji resorts.

Taveuni Island Resort - Fiji is set amongst lush tropical gardens. The clifftop Fiji resort and seven ocean view bures overlook Fiji's dramatic Somosomo Straits and the water of the Straits lap Taveuni Island's white sand beaches. Many guests find the resort and Taveuni Island perfect for their honeymoon or wedding in the Fiji Islands.

Ric and Do invite you to share with them their piece of paradise. Taveuni Island Resort - Fiji, consistently voted one of the top Fiji Resorts, is a small exclusive luxury resort catering to just 18 people. They want you to meet the warm and friendly people of this land, who make Fiji an experience never to be forgotten.

Resorts & Great Hotels (US) has honored Taveuni Island Resort with the award of "Resorts & Great Hotels Connoisseurs Choice" in recognition of an extraordinary commitment to the highest of the hospitality services, amenities, and the overall guest experience. Consistently among the top Fiji Resorts, Taveuni Island Resort received this award in 2000 and 2002.

Fiji Resort Excellence In Tourism Award was given to Taveuni Island Resort for the Best of Fiji Resorts in the Boutique Resort Category. These awards are presented by the Fiji Visitors Bureau and supported by the Fiji Hotels Association. The purpose of the awards is to recognize the contribution of those Fiji Resorts and Fiji Hotels who have made the extra effort to provide a visitor experience that shows innovation, pride, flair and most important, achieves visitor satisfaction.

Watching the sunset and relaxing over cocktails on the Deck after dining, beach combing or a rain forest walk, it is easy to understand why Taveuni Island Resort - Fiji gained awards two years in a row by Readers Choice as one of the top five, and then one of the top two, Fiji resorts in the South Pacific.

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 1  Maria Camargo / Honeymoon in paradise!
We cannot mention enough wonders about our week at the M12184. Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful and perfect and we have no doubts that we picked the perfect spot for our romantic and luxurious getaway. We are beach lovers for sure, so we wanted to go somewhere with beautiful beaches and also enjoy some luxury during our stay. M12184 is super exclusive, very private and the service is AAA! We have a staff of 7 wonderful Fijians who are there exclusively to serve us and provide us with whatever service or ... view more necessity we need. We also have a private chef who cooks amazing meals tailored towards our food preferences. We cannot stress enough how perfect our honeymoon was! Everyone is so friendly, kind, loving and always ready to help in whatever way they can. Whatever we wanted or needed, it was there within seconds later! Not that we needed too much already being in paradise and all! The villas are beautiful, the beach is wonderful, the staff amazing, the food is superb. Do not think twice, if you're going to Fiji and are willing to spend some extra bucks during your stay, go to M12184!
Diva & Bernardo